Hi guys! Long time no see :) This set isn't that good, but its to say something! lol A little known fact about me is that I was born in Los Angeles, California. lol imma cali girl! but i moved around a lot. Now you know more about me! LOL im in a very happy mood today because yesterday was so fun at the beach! It was our last "class" thing :'( I will rly misss everyone... BUT SO AWKWARD. OMG. I was changing out of my swimsuit in my friends room, behind a curtain that lead into another nook in her room. then suddenly, her brother and tim, this guy in my class, come in and im screaming at the top of my lungs, DONT LIFT THE CURTAINS. DONT COME. DONT COME. OMG I WAS CRINGING. ahh i waas like im going to die of embarassment and i swear that my face was bright red, and suddenly, the curtains looked transparent or something, and i was fumbling with them, until there was a whole in the middle. oh god. i rushed to put everything on and i rushed out and was blushing so hard. lol another funny moment with this guy named roland, who im obssessed with :P and so i kept singing rollin' (like roland) in the deep (cuz we were in the ocean) LOL HE WAS SHIRTLESS AND WE TRIED MAKING FUNNY PARADIES OF IT LOL <3. I was laughing so hard and almost drownedd... haha no that was cuz the waves were so big. haha that awkward moment when the waves pull off ur bikini bottom (well that happened a few times. ikik tmi right? lol). -_- enough about that... MORE ABOUT AWKWARDNESS! ok ur prpbably not reading this cuz its so long but maybe its somehow interesting cuz I had fun writing it :P but my parents were driving my friend and I home from the beach party and we both noticed how many times we said the word 'he' and we only said like 3 names: Roland, David, and Jonathan even though we were literally talking about like twenty boys, so I bet my mom thought my friend and I were dating them lol oh haha david kissed me on the cheek on the last day of school :) im like rly awkward around boys so that doesnt rly happen to me, but davids just a cool friend like that, but that made me happy. DONT JUDGE. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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