my style wavers from classy to casual but my all time favorite way to dress and look is punk. now i know a lot of people would say "oh well if you say you are punk you aren't really punk!" well guess what i don't care because normally people who look punk don't care what others say about how they should live. don't care about opinions, insults, trends or anything. i wear stuff that i like, whether or not its a trend. i don't really care what other people think about me or the way i live my life. people may judge me for that because they are just mad because i don't take directions from anyone else including them. yeah and guess what i don't always follow the rules either. i've done stuff i shouldn't. i've done stuff i shouldn't recently. does that mean i'm a bad person or i'm getting myself into trouble? just means i do what i want because i want to. yes i get straight A's in school but that is by choice and it doesn't mean i'm a conformist or i obey everything i'm told to do. i live my life how i want to. so to all those people who might have he opinion in their head that i'm a bad person, or they want to trash me for no reason just because they are jealous that i am independent and don't care what others think, i dare you to say something to my face. because another one of my qualities is i stand up for myself and my family and friends. go ahead. say it to my face. no? that's what i thought. so even though you guys aren't gonna read this whole paragraph i'm sure, i have something to say to you. don't be afraid to be out there. don't be afraid to be different because no matter what way you are different, there is nothing wrong with it. don't be afraid to stand up for yourself either. and don't always rely on someone else to do it for you. if there is one thing i have learned being the youngest of three and always having my mom not believe me and take the other side, it's that you have to stand up for yourself because everyone isn't always going to believe you and help you, but if you don't do anything then you will still get trouble from the person. and don't let people push you around. and i have learned from experience if you want something you have to go out and get it yourself. so don't be afraid to!
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