Saturday: The Homecoming Dance is tonight! Make sure you have a gorgeous looking boy on your arm and head over to the 'After Party' at Tyler's house. His parents are away for the weekend so we can get a little more reckless.

“You’re still looking like a picture this evening,” Zack says, and I laugh. Zack had been my date to the homecoming dance for the second year in a row. It was strange with all the female tension surrounding him this year, but I had barely noticed Lydia’s eyes pop out of her head when I showed up on his arm at the pre-drink. She brushed it off well, and went on to win homecoming queen again for the third year in a row. “I’m going to go get a beer. You want anything?” I ask, spotting Stefan coming towards Zack and I. 

“Clever way to avoid the issue at hand, babe. A Bud is good for me,” Zack teases, as I make my way to Tyler’s kitchen. “Hello, my darling dear,” Tyler says, enveloping me in a bear hug. “It’s been a whole 30 minutes since I’ve seen you. I miss you terribly,” I say, batting my eyelashes at him. “Oh I miss –“ Tyler starts to say before both of our attention is brought to raised voices in the other room. “First of all, Ty’s a senior and everyone her is an upperclassmen,” I hear the loud voice of Lydia Velasquez say from the living room directly attached his spacious kitchen. I watch Tyler sigh and leave entering the living room. I peek around the corner to see Lydia speaking with her sister and Eliza, who decided to stand her ground and declare her rightful spot at this upperclassmen party. I roll my eyes and grab a drink for Zack and myself.

I turn back into the front foyer where Zack was to find him talking with Lydia, Stefan nowhere in sight. I watch Eliza and Adriana leave the party begrudgingly. I smirk to myself, giving Eliza a little wave as the door is shut behind her. “You know she’s too young for you when she can’t come to a Ty Bartlett after party,” I hear Cooper say from the back deck. It was normal for the guys to chirp each other and normally I’d be right in there. Cooper makes eye contact with me through the sliding door and winks at me. I smile again. It was nice when your best friend had your back when your other best friend was being a douche.

“Elllooooiiiiiise! You look soooo amaaazing, right?” Corrinna slurs at me, red cup full of vodka and likely a hangover-inducing amount of mix. “Thanks,” I say, smiling at her while sipping on my beer. “I totally can’t believe you came with Zack though, he’s like soooo notyourtype!” She continues, and I stare at her. Everytime I did something with one of my friends, all the girls I knew assumed that I was sleeping with him. It was probably the most annoying thing about the majority of your friends being guys. She stares at me intently and I walk away to find Olivia, Harriet or Nina.

“El, I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages,” Olivia coos at me as I finally catch up with her and the girls, who were sitting in beach chairs on the sand in Tyler’s backyard, which really was his house backing onto the beach. “I know, I’ve just been so busy with stuff,” I say glumly, looking back to catch Stefan staring at me. “We’re doing SoCo shots in 5. I think that’s exactly what you need,” She says, a smile forming on her face. I knew she was drunk because I had seen her dancing on my walk to them. Olivia got crazy at parties and that’s what I loved about her. “Down,” I say.

“You and Stefan just need to f.uck and get it over with,” Nina says, thirty minutes later, the shots having hit us. I was caught in the middle of a tickle fight with Chad and Zack. I always got the giggles when I was drunk. Stefan’s head shot up at the sound of his name and we both roll our eyes. Nina played matchmaker when she was drunk, especially with her friends, thinking she was doing us a favour to spill our secrets for the sake of the attention staying on her. 

“That would require El actually speaking to me,” Stefan mumbles. “She was totally going to tell you she had feelings for you in the summer,” Nina slurs. “What the f.uck, Nina?” I say. All of the boys look at me. This was why I was friends with them. “I’m leaving,” I say, emptying my beer out in the sink, and grabbing my sweater for the half hour walk home. “El, come on!” Nina shouts shuffling towards the door, Stefan trailing behind her, as I walk out of it.

This was why I was friends with guys.
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