Kanto as Kaito


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* write ten random facts about you
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1) I’m not good at telling things about myself.
2) I prefer to talk about hobbies rather than ‘real life’.
3) I’m happy when idols I like have their name beginning with S XD
4) I check the year of birth for the idols I might like and try to only care for idols that are the same age as me or older.
5) I like to compare Kookie and V to Tic et Tac (Chip & Dale in original version lol) 
6) I want to watch «You who came from the stars»
7) I have to watch WIN in order to fangirling properly about Lee Seung Hoon XD
8) I wish Big Hit took better care of GLAM… like, more news on their Facebook (news are mostly on fancafe…)
9) I’m really hungry right now XD
10) I want the season 2 of Shingeki No Kyojin to be released T.T

That was another version of my 10 random facts ^^
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