Part 4 of "Paparazzi" "A Walk in the Park" and "Love can Hurt"

I like to take walks now. It reminds me of Liam and I. That is, before we broke up... Actually, I was the one who broke up with him. I was affecting him and his work. And I couldn't do that. I wouldn't be able to live with myself... Not like I could live with myself right how. I could tell I really hurt Liam. And it hurt me. Taking my mind off of Liam, I pulled my phone out. Glancing at the time, I realized I got a new voicemail. Stopping to listen to it, a voice said "Look up." So I did. I looked up, and saw Liam... sitting on top of a telephone booth. With a double take, I recognized the booth as the booth Liam and I had our first kiss. "Liam?" I asked. "What are you doing?" "I came to talk to you," he said. "Are you stalking me?" I asked, with a small smile. "Yeahhhhh," he said, with the same smile. "Liam," I started to say. "Look, I really can't..." my voice trailed off. "(Y/N), I really, really want you back. I want to be loved by you," he pleaded. "I want to be loved by you too," I said, a smile spreading across my face. "I just can't take up all your time, Liam. I'm not that selfish," I said. "We can communicate better," Liam said. "Great. Now climb down before you hurt yourself," I demanded. He listened, and started to climb down. "Woaaah!" he yelled, losing his grip, and tumbling down into the bushes. "Liam!" I exclaimed, running over to him. Leaning down next to him, I asked "Are you okay?" All of a sudden, he burst out laughing. Stunned, I frowned. Still laughing, he reached up, pulled me down, and gave me a kiss. Pulling back, I was shocked. Then, with a smile, I leaned back down to kiss my boyfriend again.


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