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Alright. Really not very eager to say what I got to say right now, but apparently it really needs to be stressed. So here it goes. 

Polyvore is built around the idea of creativity, inspiration and originality, right? All of you have surely seen the "I support the 'Be original' campaign etc. etc" that are widely published on member's profiles around Polyvore. So, to the point. Inspiration and originality are two very beautiful and precious things that one should always treasure but also devoutly respect. Apparently it comes to a point where taking inspiration from others and creating your own thing from it rather easily turns into pure piracy, quite frankly. 

Lately I've unfortunately experienced some pretty hard core piracy. And just when I thought it had all passed and the issue was dealt with I discover a new pirate on the loose (hope you don't mind me explaining it all with this little parable). 

We're friends on here, have been for a while now and it really sucks seeing MY thoughts, MY ideas, MY CREATIVITY all the sudden pretty much get stolen more and more in front of my nose. It really, really sucks and it truly makes me so sad to see. I honestly feel like my creativity gets stolen and then goes to waste :'( You could at least mention that you are inspired my that and that person or by that and that set, or WHATEVER really, just giving the person whose style and ideas you've just stolen, trying to make others think that it was your originality, some kind of credit. 

You should know who you are, if you've read this far. You like all my sets, you comment on them and support me. So, then please, please please DO NOT go on pirating on my profile. Stealing my treasures. I would happily give a lil' if only you would transform it into YOUR thing. YOUR interpretation. YOUR treasure. Like pretty much everyone else on here are doing. Respecting each other and the ideas invented, crediting the ones that deserves it. This is my ship and I would very much appreciate it if it could stay intact. Preferably with that thing called originality somewhat still hitched to it.

Thanks for reading.

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