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I love unique voices; even if some people find them annoying, I like it when I can easily recognize who is singing just because his/her voice is so special!

My top male voices are; 

5. Taeyang; I love listening to his solo albums, I can listen all day to his songs and don't get bored or tired of it!

Taeyang - Take It Slow

4. Ruki; I like j rock mostly because of their awesome vocalists; and among them Ruki definitely stands out.

The Gazette - Shiver

3. Kangnam - He has such a beautiful voice that he's quickly climbing on my fave vocalist list! Using autotune in his solo song just to hide his accent was a crime and someone should be punished for this -.- I'm glad they company don't do it anymore, and now we can listen to his voice:)

M.I.B - Falling Flower

2. G-Dragon - no one doubts that GD posses unique and special voice; he can both sings and raps, and I just can't wait for his second solo album:)

G-Dragon - But I Love You

1. Brian Molko - He has been my fave vocalist for almost 10 years; Brian has very unique voice. Even average Placebo songs sounds amazing thanks to Brian:) 

Placebo - Song to Say Goodbye

Placebo - Protège-Moi (live)

Every time I hear those 5 guys singing, I stop doing whatever I was doing and just listen.

Other male(singing) voices I like: Yoseob, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Daesung, Seungri, Jonathan Davis (Korn), Serj Tankian (SOAD), Isshi from Kagrra [ R.I.P TT__TT],Gackt, and probably more:P
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