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Collab with the awesome @catharinethegreat [i love the bottom left picture of Natasha it fits so well with the story!! gahh :D]

At Mia's Penthouse suite, with Regina enjoying Ladurée and pink champagne slumber

“Thank you Theodore that will be all” I say to the waiter who wheeled in a table with champagne and macaroons. 

“You’re welcome Ma’am let me know if there is anything else you need” his strong French accent showed. I nodded back at him and passed a big tip.

I was spending the weekend in Paris. Before I’m heading back to New York to sort things out with Cole. 

I sighed, when I heard a knock on the suite door.

It must be Regina; we decided to spend some girly time before I left. It’s been so long since we’ve hung out together. 

She was one of the first people I met in Paris. Once I opened the door I was enveloped into a tight hug. €œ

“Mia! It’s been so long, gosh I missed you! she says squeezing me tighter. My lungs threatened to burst if she was going to squeeze any tighter.

“Hello to you too! How have you been?” I ask while trying to recover. €œ

“Oh you know, same old” she replied waving her hand around, and walking towards the champagne. I knew Regina too well. 

She took the flute of the pink bubbly and sipped it.

"Geez Ina, what have you down now?" I ask her, but she just waves her hand trying to avoid the question.

"Don't worry about me baby, I came here to see you!" she says as she takes a seat in a plush pink armchair and crosses her legs.

I sit on the big couch across from her, and start playing with my hair nervously. 

"I'm going to New York tomorrow." I say feeling slightly worried.

"Why?" She asks, holding a sparkly pink macaroon near her mouth.

"I'm going to sort things out with Cole." I say quietly.

"Is everything ok sweety? Tell me all about it..." Regina asks, softening her voice as much as she could. Dropping the macaroon back onto the platter and comes to sit next to me.

As she came to sit next to me she put her hand around me and leant her head against my shoulder.

"I don’t know I just...." I started to sniffle and grabbed a tissue from the table. 

"What is it honey, talk to me" She says taking a sip of her champagne. 

"Well as I told you we are taking a short break...And I’m just rethinking things. I’m not sure if the relationship is going to work. I feel that we are at different places in our lives. And me being here most of the time it’s hard to spend time with him..." I say trying not to cry. Regina nods, listening intensely. 

"Maybe you going back is a good thing, at least you will both be able to talk things out. You will find out where he is at and maybe he’s thinking the same thing.” She says giving me a reassuring smile. 

"I think your right... I can’t carry on if this is all pointless." I say, she definitely knew how to make me feel better. 

"Let's change the topic, this is way too depressing. So what's new with you?" I ask taking a large gulp of champagne.

"There is a new painting I've been searching for so long, but you'll hear about that soon enough..." She smirks and winks at me. 

"There is also a guy who brought me that painting and he seems... hmm... interesting." I smirk with he and I start feeling intrigued. 

"Ok Ina, I know you are mysterious and all but we talked about this! You can't just tell me juicy bits like this and leave me hanging." I say and we both start chucking. 

"Hmm, let's see, painting is from the early twenties and it's worth at least 30 million euros, I'm not settling for less, and guy is tall, charming, beautiful and he gets 50% from the sell." she rolls her eyes at that last thing.

 "That's all I can say." I look at her, examining her face. She was definitely hiding something. 

"What's new with you baby? How's Paris treating you?" She asks, trying to shift the conversation my way again.

"Very well, I’m so happy that I’m here. I met really great people" I say smiling at her, Regina was one of the most amazing people I've ever met. She's so passionate about what she does. 

"Well I’m hoping that I’m near the top somewhere" She says winking at me. We both laugh and eat macaroons. 

"While I’m all happy about your new little project, I want to know about the man that has caught Miss Regina's attention. We both know that you’re hard to please in that department." I say curling my legs under my body, sitting indian-style. She laughs and looks at me seriously. 

"Well I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this one yet..." She says, wow she was hard to get information from.
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