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Yay! A Harry Potter-related set! I haven't made one in a while: I've been so excited about the Hunger Games. How do you guys like it? I tried my best :3

ANYWAY! I present to you...*drumroll*...Ms. Fleur Delacour! The Flower of the Court! The Quarter-Veela! Ms. Beauxbatons herself! 

Ha, I really like Fleur. I felt bad for her, the way Ginny regarded her. And I love her accent :)
So! Day 3 of the 30 day challenge says:
"Describe your day in Great Detail" Seeing as this is Saturdays and Saturdays are my: "Lazy-Recharge-and-Try-Not-To-Think-About-Monday" , this probably isn't the best day to do this. But oh well!

My day...Well. I woke up around 8 in the morning, went downstairs and got breakfast. I went on a run with my sister, took a shower, then spent the rest of the day watching the rain, reading fanfictions, and listening to the Vitamin String Quartet.* Eventually I went on Polyvore, made this set, and now here we are! :)

Pretty Exciting right? :3 Ha, how was your guys's days?

Alright, well I'm gonna go! 
Peace off, my Lovelies!

**Go check out the Vitamin String Quartet, and leave a comment telling me if you liked it. I personally think they are amazing,but that's just me. They are really cool Go check them out, pretty please? *Bats eyelashes*

**This set is 30 items even. ...Just thought you'd like to know... :3
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