Song of the day: Young Homie - Chris Rene

August 25, 2012

1) This song started playing while I was listening to a playlist on Songza the other day and I remembered that I like it. Haha. When does the X Factor start? Does anyone know? I hope it's better this year. As good as the UK version. Oh and when does that start? Did it already?
2) Anyways. These lyrics kind of apply to my life right now. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been on Poly for a few days. That's because I had tennis tryouts, which is literally the most stressful week of my life each year. I already made it on the team last year, so I shouldn't have really been stressed this year, but then in the beginning the coach was all "You're not guaranteed a spot" blah blah so I started getting really nervous. And in tennis, when I get nervous (which I do ALL the time), I choke. Like BIG TIME. I just don't really have the right mentality, I think, and like more than 50% of the game is mental. So I always get really negative and get caught up in all the things I'm doing wrong, which brings me down this vicious cycle, and I start screwing up INSANELY. So like I lost my first match to a girl on JV--and lost badly, too--and my coach threatened to kick me off the team if I didn't win my next match so obviously that was all I could think about and I was so nervous that I lost my next match against another girl on JV too. So by that point, I knew I was already off the team and I didn't even care anymore because it wasn't worth the stress, so by the time my next match came, I wasn't nervous anymore because I didn't care and I finally won! Phew. So then she decided she was allowed to keep me on the team (but she hates me now). So... I'M STILL ON THE TEAM, GUYS! And now I feel so relieved. Seriously. You don't even understand how stressful tennis tryouts are at my school. There were 50+ girls who tried out and barely an spots available so yeah. Everyone kept on saying, "It's like the Hunger Games!" Haha. 
3) But so I need to learn how to not be so negative all the time cause that really messes me up. And I found a quote that's kind of my mantra now and put it up on my wall (remember my wall art?), so I thought I'd share it with you. It goes, "If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify our disappointments, we'd all be much happier." And that's by Abraham Lincoln. I don't know. That quote just really applies to my life, so I like it!
4) Okay. I'm gonna go now. I'll try my best to back on Polyvore sometime today or tomorrow and catch up... So have a good weekend, y'all! TTFN! Ta ta for now! xx
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