I had a fun feather boa laced around my arms, and black lipstick on. I loved dressing up crazy. The Pulse was crazy by the time I got there which was around 10. I headed towards the bar.
"Can I have a dirty martini." I asked the bar tender.
"Extra dirty.." I said as I smirked. He smiled and stared for a sec, then went and made me my drink. I leaned against the counter and surveyed the room. A ton of couples were crowded everywhere, making out all over the artfully placed sofas, but it didn't really bother anyone. If you didn't want to see it, then you went somewhere else. My drink was placed near my hand and I grabbed it without looking. I pulled the olives out and chewed lightly on them as I walked over to a heated scene. Some girl with bleach blonde hair that had been awfully straightened had her hands all over Sanders, god he was too nice. 
"Come onnnn." she begged him as she ran her hand down his perfectly toned chest. I smirked as he glanced at me and smiled, but she must have thought he was smiling at her. I took a small sip from my martini and then walked over.
"Excuse me, I sort of mind when you have your hands all over him, I don't know where they've been, but they are probably covered in germy, herpes covered Sephora samples." I said. A classy idea shot into my head.
"OH! here, let me clean them up,alcohol helps plenty." I said. I poured my drink down her dress, and it hit her faux suede ankle booties, they were ugly green anyways, sweetheart, St. Patty's day was yesterday. She gasped as the cold liqueur trickled down her half naked body.
"Oops, sweetie you were supposed to hold your hands out." I said "comfortingly" placing my hand on her shoulder.
"You bitchh!" she screamed at me, heads turned.
"Thats right, I am. Toodles." I said as I wiggled my fingers at her. Sanders was muffling a laugh. She glanced at him and then at me as Sanders hand slithered around my waist.
"You ruined my new fuckingg CHOOS!" she shouted, they were definitely not Jimmy.
"Those shoes aren't even close to his taste, anyway, if you can't afford to buy a new pair, you don't belong. Anywho, I said bye three minutes ago, I don't know why you're still standing there. BYE." I said. She stomped away angrily as I smiled and turned into Sanders, we were in a secluded corner. He gave me a light peck on the lips, but I was feeling a little more than a peck, and pushed him against the wall.
"Whoa, feisty." he said in between breaths. I giggled and he spun around so now I was against the wall. He was pushing so hard on my chest I couldn't breath, but it didn't matter. His mouth tasted like peppermint and absolut. Would anyone care if we just stripped right there? Sadly, yes.. I laced my feather boa around his neck and led him into a storage room. He smiled cockily and kissed my neck as soon as we got in there, working his way back to my mouth. He grabbed my hands and held them against the wall with his own, which were burning hot. I loved guys that took control like this. He nibbled on my jaw and underneath my chin, working his way down my neck. The clothes were off seconds later. I don't understand how he was LITERALLY so hot, his hands were like heating pads on the small of my back. My hair that was tightly curled was now sweaty, and in looser waves. I finally had time to stop and catch my breath, and he put his hat on my head. I laughed.
"Are you crowning me or something?" I asked him. He smiled. He leaned in to whisper something in my ear.
"Mandy?" he said. 
"Yea?" I asked him. He kissed my ear lightly.
"Will you, and only you... be my girlfriend?" he asked sweetly. I grabbed him by the chin and pulled his face so he could look into my eyes. I kissed him hard on the mouth, and I could feel him smiling.
"I take that as a yes?" he said laughing. 
"Fuckk yes." I said as I was still kissing him. lets just hit repeat for a second, and say, my curls were no longer curls, or waves afterward.
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