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amy mizuno
age; 16
sailor form; sailor mercury
never without; suped-up smart phone (hand-held computer), at least one book, multiple ear studs
likes; technology, aquamarine, reading, swimming, sandwiches, strategy and video games, math, making lists, romance novels, pop culture trivia, puzzles
dislikes; squabbling friends (*cough*Serena and Raye*cough*), being shy, flirting, occasional stupidity, making mistakes, yellowtail tuna
Always the shy, quiet bookish one, Amy Mizuno was frequently mistaken in the past for being an intelectual snob, but she’s really quite the opposite. Though shy, Amy is a friendly girl who is always prepared to give a helping hand to those in need - a characteristic stemming from her desire to one day become a doctor, much like her mother. With an IQ of nearly 300, it’s a wonder that Amy is not a computer herself, or so some might joke. The first to join Serena as a Sailor Scout, Amy's life became a little more busy and a little more, dare we say, interesting, when a talking cat gave her a transformation pen when she was fourteen. Ever since then, Amy has been the brains of the Sailor Scouts, using her love of technology, analytical mind, and practical nature to help the scouts as a group to succeed.
model; ranya mordanova

Guys, I really want to go to town tomorrow morning and buy the shiny new copies of the Sailor Moon manga. I've never read it/manga before, but I'm thinking Sailor Moon is totes worth it.
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