Back at school.


No seriously, I'm at school THIS VERY SECOND! How long has it been since I've done one of these?! Hahaha. [Answer = too long.]

So hi, it's April, also known as that dangerous month when I start thinking about summer EVERY YEAR, like clockwork, and I still have like 2 and a half months of school to go. I guess I'm going to have to be milking my classic uniform sets, because hey, I only have 2.5 months of uniform'ed life to go! Then suddenly I'll be turned loose into the real world, where school administrators don't jump you in the hall for having illegally-colored nails, I can actually wear to school what I bought for back-to-school shopping, and I don't have to measure my skirt length from the middle of my knee to make sure I won't get busted [not that I do that anyway...].

Scary, but I think I can handle it. ;o]

So here I sit. Still in high school. Ho-hum. I can't believe how good I've gotten, not ditching school is taking all my willpower. XD I'm just excited to get home today so I can go back and have fun with our friends from Nebraska. I like having them out here because it gives me an excuse to go out and do all the tourist stuff around NYC that I love and my friends facepalm at me for loving. I think yesterday had to have been the biggest Easter I've ever had. Some of our friends are staying at our apartment, some at Aunt Sharon's and some at Mr. Masters's, just because our apartments are all small and there's so many of them, and it's been so interesting to see how we all crammed them in. Mr. Masters and Aunt Sharon both have 1-bedroom places, so everyone's scattered sleeping in the family rooms. We have 3 bedrooms plus Dad and Diana's room, so usually our sleeping arrangements are me and Jen in one of the rooms, Ella in another and Joey in the 3rd. Well, Jen and I crammed in with Ella, Joey's in with Dad and Diana, and the rest of our guests are in the other two bedrooms - and there's still enough of them to sleep in our family room, too!

Sheesh. XD It's been very mathematical getting everyone to fit as comfortably as possible, but I think we're pulling it off. Just good luck going to the bathroom in the middle of the night [especially since we only have one, besides the one in Dad and Diana's room]. The weather's OK today, so I wonder what we'll do when we get home. They're here until the 15th. I have mathtastics practice after school today and detention tomorrow, so I hope they don't take off and do something without me. X)

If that's what it takes... I'd do, anything baby! Ooh hoo, oh yeah! I'd do anything you want me to, baby if it's me and you...

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