when i saw that picture, i just thought of Katy's song. :) if you use this picture please give some credit.

(Insanely)Random Question of the Day: Is there any food that you absolutely hate?

My answer: ICE CREAM!!! i hate that stuff!! the ironic thing is that i had ice cream today! how freaking stupid is that!!! hahaha! I'll only eat small portions if it tastes (really) good.

Well, i find -Would you Rather-Questions amusing, so I'm going to share a few with you! Be sure to type in today's answers!! (god, i sould like a gameshow host x)

1. Would you rather
a. Lick the floor of a public bathroom
b. eat a piece of gum off NY city sidewalk.

2. Would you rather
a.have an allergic reaction to water
b. have an allergic reaction to sunlight

My answers:
1.a. as absolutely disgusting that is, I'd much rather lick a bathroom floor *Pukes* than someone elses gum off of a sidewalk.

2.b. To the sun. no shower, no drinks?? hell no!! (yes, i had A before :)

Comment your answers if you would like!!

by the way, the picture is from Kellan's movie called Stick It.
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