Our trip to Hogsmeade was eventful as ever.
We stepped off the train, and the slight chill of the countryside tickled our faces. Me and my room mates, Jenny and Naomi and a couple of their male friends joined us in our little venture, as well as a couple of 4th years trailing behind. We decided to head straight for the 3 Broomsticks, as Jenny had never tasted butterbeer and I wanted a table when it wasn't packed.
We ran over and it was already heaving, we squidged ourselves through the doorway and snagged a table in the corner, snug and cosy - as always. I ordered 6 butterbeers, one each for us girls, and one each to take back - to save for a rainy day.
So we chatted as always, about memories of childhoods - this place always provoked a sad, reminiscent bout on us all.
After around 2 hours (yes we can babble on for that long) we left, slightly red-eyed and all the same as before. We had a browse in Gladrags, but nothing really appealed (I'd rather have gone to a muggle branch of H&M or something, I was in dire need of winter woolies).
Jenny needed to send a letter to her sister and her cousins, birthday messages she said, and so we had a short stop in the Post Office... wasn't the most pleasant smelling place in the world, I can tell you that! Jenny slipped something in one of the boys pockets though when were walking out of the Post Office.. I wonder what it was!

I needed to stock up on art/letter supplies, as I hadn't been in contact with my dad for sometime, and I presume he was worried about me, so I bought an awful lot of parchment, along with a few quills, from Scrivenshaft's. I managed to find a few tubes of muggle acrylic paint as well, along with a set of dusty watercolours, which I immediately purchased without a moment of hesitation. 
Sadly, that left my purse worse for wear - I had 2 Galleons left and I needed to get presents for Christmas, so we set off for our last destination of the day, Honeydukes!
Honeydukes was like a surrealists dream - towering shelves and large clocks hung lazily on the walls, along with rocking chairs, madly shaped jars and barometers, just everything you could imagine!
I snagged myself some all-flavour gum balls, as well as two chocolate frogs, liquorice wands and never-ending-fizz drinks. Jenny and Naomi didn't buy anything, they're 'on a diet'!

With stuffed pockets and bags, we wandered to the village centre and perched ourselves on a table. The boy who Jenny slipped a surprise into found it - It was a love note! Red faced Naomi ran off, but he chased after her.. we didn't see them again until the train.
Apparently, they're going out now - I think his name is Simon, or Simson or something like that, not that I really care..
I'm glad we came the day we did, because usually, this time of month, there's gooey eyed couples everywhere - yuck!

By 5:40 we were back at the train and it was already going dark, we packed on an found our carriage - we know which one because we left our 'mark' on it (we scratched a zig-zag line in the top corner. Locking ourselves in, we buggered back to Hogwarts in the stark darkness, and as we blared past forests and endless woodlands, I looked at the sky and felt like my mother was near, the twinkling stars telling me she was fine and happy, and that one day I will meet her again. 

Party day.
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