[Juliet Maynard]
17, Senior (B-List)
Bio: Juliet is the Hampton’s most prized possession. Her family is the most notably known family because they in fact run the Hamptons. So how is Juliet not on the A-List? No one really knows. She has all of the traits set up to be at the top. In reality, Juliet has kind of just ignored the A-List. She had her own small group of friends that were comfortable being ‘normal’. Recently, Juliet had the opportunity to party with some of New York City’s socialites. At the party, Juliet managed to be the center of attention, without even trying. Juliet not so secretly liked all of the attention and has been hanging out with the older New York elite crowd since. Now at Palmer, Juliet wants to be a part of the A-List so she can get that attention at school too. 
Relationship Status: Single 
Secret: When Juliet started hanging out with the NYC socialites, she met Reid Jacoby. Reid is a well known actor, who’s married to Priscilla Lyle…an even better known actress. At first things were innocent until Juliet made a move on Reid. Reid pushed her off until a few weeks later when he caved in and had an affair with Juliet. Move forward another few weeks. Reid and Juliet are hooking up constantly. Out of the blue, Reid tells Priscilla he wants a divorce. Priscilla reveals she is pregnant. Reid flees the country leaving both Priscilla to fend for herself and the unborn baby. He had plans to meet up with Juliet in Madrid. Only once Juliet found out about Priscilla’s pregnancy, she didn’t have a heart to go. Now she’s lying low in the Hamptons while the tabloids and entertainment news are constantly covering the ‘mystery woman’ Reid had left his baby momma for. 
Model: Clara Alonso
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Top Three

1.Juliet Maynard
2.Kennedy Gallagher
3. Willow Ferrell

The Story

"You're too late,honey,"

"I know, mom. Sorry for being late. I overslept," I answer her.

That was the truth. I didn't slept very well last night. It was a terrible night. 

I was with some of my friends at a nice nightclub. Everthing was fine. I laughed and danced a lot. I even talked with some of the A-List. I was so happy. All the attention.
Exactly, what I need. It was not perfect, but it was a start.

But then, I made a mistake. My black berry rings . The music was too loud. I didn't understand what the caller said. Therefore, I left the club. Outside, all was quiet. 
And the caller has ended the call. But I didn't go in again. I sit down on a bench before the club. It was a dark night. I didn't see any stars on the sky. Neverthless it was not cold. My phone rings again. I answer the phone. Then, I heard his voice. And, I know I was lost.

"Juliet, Oh my god, I tried to call you, all the time. But you never answer the phone. Are you okay? We must talk."

"Talk? About what? Your wife or your unborn child?" I asked him with all my anger.

"Why are you so angry? I left her, for you. For us. Why you didn't understand that?"

That was typical for him. He never understand me. But he always want that I understand him. Him and his problems and his views.

" You didn't really ask my why!? Oh my god, you're such a stupid idiot. 
Okay, I tell you, why I'm so angry. Your wife is pregnant with a baby. Your baby.

" I know. But I don't know what I can do. I don't want stay with her, because she is pregnant. I'dont love her. I love you. I really do. Do you believe me?"

" Yes, I believe you. But I can't. Please, don't call me anymore. It's over. I'm so sorry," I said gently.

" No. Please it's not over..." 

I didn't want to to talk about it anymore. It was hopeless. He was hopeless. So, I interrupted him and said: 

"Goodbye Ried"

Then I hung up. That was the end. And I really hoped he unterstand it.
It was the end from this night, too. I didn't want go back to the club.
I called a taxi, that gets me home. At home,I went straight to my room.
When I Iay alone in my bed in the dark I started to cry.

This memory was really bad. But that is my past,now .And I can't change the past. But my future will be so much better. Today starts my new live. Without the tears and without Ried. 

I give my mom a friendly smile. Then we start our shopping trip.
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