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  • The Wonder Clip The Amazing Tichel Fastener
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    The Wonder Clip The Amazing Tichel Fastener
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    This revolutionary set of clips will keep your head covering on your head in any situation! Dance, jump, run, your head covering won't move! These amazing, super strength clips are ideal for special occasions- when you don't want to fuss with your head covering, or for athletic activities! How does it work? The tichel fastener is a set of 2 clips with a very strong sticky applicator on one side, and a comb-style clip on the other. Fasten the sticky side to your head covering, open the clip, place the head covering on your head, and close the clip. That's it! The clips are small, and completely hidden by your head covering. The super strong applicator means they can't be transferred between head coverings. **save money when you buy more than one set at once!**
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