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+ Michael Rowan., father (56)
model; Robert Downey Jr.
- Thea's father. She's his little princess, even though she's grown up.

+ Rebecca Rowan, mother (50)
model; Kate Beckinsale
- Thea's mother who sometimes ends up being her worst enemy.

+ Oliver 'Oli' Rowan (28)
model; Stephen Amell
- Thea's beloved older brother. There's nothing he won't do for his baby sister.

- friends
+ Rachel Moreau (24)
 model; Amber Heard
- Growing up together, Rachel is Thea's other half, almost literally. What Thea lacks, Rachel more than compensates and vice versa; they complete each other.

+ Jacquelyn Duchannes
model; Natasha Barnard
- What started out as an employee-employer relationship turned out to be a great friendship between Thea and Jac. She interned at Jac's catering company Silver Spoons and the rest of history.

+ Dean McGarrity
model; Chris Evans
- With Dean, Thea had two older brother's since him and Ollie were best friends. She feels blessed that he's in her life.

-past/current relationships
+ Garrett McGarrity (24)
model; Chase Crawford
- Garrett and Thea grew up together, so it was natural that they ended up dated in high school and throughout college. They had a picture perfect relationship until Thea ended it because it was too safe and too serious for her at such a young age. They're still friends though… and occasionally friends with benefits.
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