thedream of being free!

the title is so kliché..
if i was the person who, didn't care what other where thinking about me, i would look like this..
i would be the most crazy person ever
.. i am .. but i would be it, for real deal!
if you wasen't known me, i would look like an depressed emo as where hateing, my life.. i do.. no secret there.. but i'm not like.. hate every thing and every one.. or what you should say..
some people as has known me in long time, always says this ".. oh god Celina.. it's so fun, cause those people as dosen't know you, just think you are an stupid bitcch as hate every one.. and where sad the whole time" .. yep.. i have heard that before.. i'm not like that.. i'm an posetive person, when you know me..
and if i where expressing me 100 % as i was, it would be like .. the most happy person ever. ..
i wouldn't be afraid of telling truth about how much i hate my life.. ..
!! after i had telled that i where beeing happy because the truth was out
and people would understand why i where hating it..
- thats just a god dammn dream, as totally never going to happend.. or not the part where every one would understand me.. and they have their reasons i have mine.. :P .. god i where just livin in the moment, here for 2 seconds ago.. in my little "day dream" .. -.-'' god give me a life..
(the part i where telling about my self.. that people judging me, like i where hate every body.. was real, and the same with the other shiit.. just some nice dreams of being.. accepted) ..

every one wanna be accepted, as their true "me"

Two comments

Wrote two years ago
very true my dear.

Wrote two years ago
This collection my dear is the epitome of perfection.


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