~Civil Twilight, Surrender {Amazon didn't have it :/}


Sorry everyone this week has been kinda busy and I still need to finish a Psych paper that's due tomorrow yet instead I was working on Depth... So I will be getting caught up on you guys' sets and comments and PMs tomorrow after classes, promise! Here's 3 new chapters of Depth, hope you enjoy them <3 #Beckland

Also if you haven't noticed by now, Holland's closet is basically la garconne haha #obsessed! 

If you missed the collection with background info, the synopsis, and models for characters, check out the collection, which is also where all my chapter sets will be as I make them: http://www.polyvore.com/depth/collection?id=2201272
http://figment.com/books/464091-Depth [go to CHAPTER EIGHTEEN and CHAPTER NINETEEN and CHAPTER TWENTY in the Table of Contents]

[PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ! And if you liked to be added to the tagging list! Like it, love it, any feedback at all! Tagging the awesome people who asked me to (or I think would want to be tagged) IN THE COMMENTS! If you want to be removed from this list, please just PM me!]
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