Them Fantastics, Always up for adventure.

With these girls, came boys. It was the funny girl, the art girl, and the performer girls, putting themselves out for some adventure, and wondering who would take them up on the offer. My life long best friend, the boy, he was the first to make a move. He brought along another boy, a boy with good style and a cocky personality. The cocky one hassa friend. a funny friend. who is also now our funny friend. I have friends who support me, which makes it much, much easier. I can only hope i inspire them as much as they inspire me. We live above the influence. We made peace with these 3, special boys and developed a tight, unbreakable bond between the 7 of us. Our tight little group always getting into arguments, and hooking up and breaking up and getting together. in school, out of school, you name it, we've got it all. They will name a city after us. They will make a TV show based on our middle school lives. We were surrounding ourselves with a 'fantastic' group of people, and we weren't even paying much attention.

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