Them girls with that funky hair 3.

I need some polyvore friends. Seriously. I see like everybody has a best friend an I talk to no one. What about me?! I wanna bond. I wanna have inside jokes. I wanna make stuff for each other and remember your birthday. That's how much I care. LOVE ME. Jk, you can just message me. xD Probably no one will. But, I'm reallly shy sometimes an I think everyone secretly hates me that's why I don't like to message first. I promise if you do I'll..I' super nice and fun and what not. And, I'll even use proper grammar. Now come on, everyone loves that. Hehe. :3

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Wrote three years ago
great collection :)

Wrote three years ago
@lidia-solymosi Thank you so much. :)

Wrote three years ago
Awesome pics :)


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