**Because the original chapter is about ten pages long i have to cut it down so at least read the next two parts before deciding to continue reading or not. So please get back to me on what you think about the story, I appreciate your feedback. xoxo
Chapter One

“Change came in disguise of revelation that set his soul on fire. She said she always knew he’d come around.” – A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers

“Kennedy, I’m going to miss you so much! Promise me you’ll write every day, promise?” My mom begged as the train I was about to board pulled into the station. 

 She gets a little emotional over these things. Like the time my younger brother, Coop and I went to go to this camp for a week. She couldn’t stop crying and had to be dragged off by my aunt because she “couldn’t leave her babies.” That was five years ago and now that I’m going to be a junior, she still cries. 

 “Yeah, mom, sure whatever you say.” I agreed and slowly started to inch my way towards the gates. But she wrapped her arms around me into this big bear hug that practically choked me. 

 This was a big deal to me, even bigger than some sleep away camp. I was going to be attending Winston School of Music and Performing Arts, one of the most prestigious schools on the coast, never mind the country. Of course, I was going thanks to a scholarship but still it was one step closer to everything I’ve ever wanted. Sure, I was leaving everything behind but it would be worth it. Winston was known for producing some of the country’s most famous musicians, pretty much anyone that left Winston went on to do something great…at least if they were somebody.

 “Now remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day, oh, and remember to change your underwear!” She shouted as I walked through the gates.

 “Mom, are you trying to ruin my life?” I groaned, completely embarrassed. Just great, thanks a lot mom. “Love you.”

 “Love you too, babe. Coop, say goodbye to your sister, she’s leaving now.” She hissed at him and whacked the back of his head with a rolled up JC Penny’s catalogue.

 My brother had been standing by our mom’s side the entire time. He never mentioned a single word, but then again Cooper was never one to talk. We all used to joke and say that sometime you could have a better conversation with a broom than with him. He looked up from his DS quickly to wave and then continue playing whatever game he was playing before. Way to go, Cooper, way to go. 

 I rolled my eyes. “Later, loser.” 

 “Don’t forget to-“ 

 “God, mom, it’s not like she’s eight anymore. She’s sixteen now, let her screw up if she wants.” Coop protested and for once I was actually happy that he did. He probably could’ve worded that a bit better but nobody’s perfect.

 Mom sighed and blew me a kiss as I boarded. “Call me when you get there.”

 “Yeah, okay.” Even though I said it heavy with sarcasm, I knew I would call her. It was best for both of us; I wouldn’t feel bad about mom going absolutely up a wall. Besides, this was the beginning of my future. 

Goodbye the shy, boring, worry-wart Kennedy and hello bold, exciting, care free Kennedy. I feel confident for one of the first times in my life and it feels pretty good.

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Wrote 7 years ago
i love that song=)good start

Wrote 7 years ago
love it! ill totally be following this story. sounds amazing

Wrote 7 years ago
i like it!write more?

Wrote 7 years ago


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