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I made this set since last night un·for·tu·nate·ly i went to dream land an early,cold winter to freeze i can't sitting too long lately!
i've heard Seoul weather is colder than Tokyo it's -9 C.

here you need to check out recent contest

Well i made this set with non-X'mas theme set of course if you join this contest you can made anything you want,i still dont have any idea for X'mas and all i want is you stuff thingy lol...

Surely i went to Baek this time,i was thinking to "No Air" idk why this song come into my mind just hope to listen to Baek cover to this song i think it's suit him.

Idk why why i got into this short legged,an exceptional for my ideal type? he's different 
well a little bit reminded me to GD why i crush on them just the same maybe?

And still don't know aka not sure either
you guys are like me or not,i'm getting old ppl always said when you're older you'll forgot about the looks and these days looks doesn't matter for me,personality come first and Baek has it.
idk why i'm so happy about? just i can made him set today i trying to made but never find his cool pics ..his voice is surely the best among rookies lead vocal i can recognized his voice even not turning my head to watching the scene.

My little happy today+My Style Outfits+Tokyo is so damn cold brrrrrr...
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