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it took me soooooo~ many days to actually get this done

but yes, kiddos
lizzie is back.
break out the party!!
or maybe not.

here's the short recap-
i got super frustrated halfway through...
i think it's pretty obvious 
i just don't have that much of concentration level no more

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'That Crazy Girl from Hollywood'

Lizzie Davis was the daughter of famous Hollywood producer and an aspiring artist. It was normal for celebrity spawns to be in the limelight, but when her mother left the family (to pursue her dream AND with a much younger man, no less) Lizzie became an instant pap-magnet. She blamed everyone and their mother for everything that happened, and turned to partying, drinking, and becoming best friends with Paris Hilton. Everywhere Lizzie goes, the cameras would follow. Hollywood just scored itself a new bad girl.

Before she hit rock-bottom, her father decided to intervene: by sending her off to New York City, where she was to be taken care of by his then-girlfriend, Libby, while undergoing counselling. He even made her live in a normal apartment - you know, so paps wouldn't find her.

Lizzie didn't really care much about counselling or moving or even staying with Libby, but what ticked her off the most when she found out that she would be attending one of the world's most prestigious academies on the Upper East Side - Monroe.

Preppy uniforms.
Spawns of the rich and powerful.
Everything that Lizzie was allergic to - but she had to make it work if she ever wanted to go back to Hollywood. 

How hard could it be to stay low-key, and most importantly, out of trouble?


Lizzie suffered a bad case of culture shock when she first arrived on the UES. The whole uniform thing at school wasn't making things easier for her, neither was the fact that pretty much everyone recognized her (oh, the irony of her dad's 'stay incognito plan'). 

Luckily, she found a new friend during her first few days in the city. His name was Robert Samuels, and as days passed, Lizzie learnt that he was some sort of celebrity himself. Just not in a very good way...but he made her feel welcome and he's the only friend she's got to turn to then. 

While she tries to fend off all temptations that would drag her back to her old ways, little did she realize that the more time she spent with Rob, the more she was revealing a different side of her.

What started out as a passing advise as a friend soon got her a little too involved in the drama on the UES - the one that would involve scheming and ruining the life of the Queen, Cameron DiVello.


The Rob-Liz duo was in full force during prom season. Rob has always had an obsession with getting into a certain UES Queen's pants. He had roped in Lizzie as adviser as he cooked up some scheme to get what he wants. Lizzie, surprisingly, enjoys this little game. 

Lizzie enjoyed a little 'fame' within the UES crowd, no thanks to a little feature in the local gossip blast, GOSSIP GIRL. Well, it's inevitable now that she's glued to Rob and ruining lives left and right. Especially if those lives included Cam DiVello's, who by now, hates Lizzie. The feeling's mutual, though Lizzie can't really put a finger as to why she feels that way about Cam.

She found a new friend in Ceci Moon, who was a complete opposite of herself yet nothing like the other kids at Monroe. They instantly hit it off and were sworn soul sisters. And Ceci's a much better friend that Rob ever was - plus she gives excellent advise, be it boys, clothes, or life in general. 

During this time, in all the prom drama and fiasco, Lizzie met Derrick Jenner (cue: swoon~!) through Libby at her photoshoot. They had a few things in common, including their involvement in the fashion industry and that they both were pretty much tired of hearing about prom (Lizzie had always been vocal about how much she hated prom). Ironically, they ended up going together to prom as dates.


Lizzie has never been in love. She's dated various men and made out with a few back in her days, but never had she ever felt the rush of falling in love till she spent time with Derrick. Theirs was an innocent little love story, something so simple and sweet. It was almost like Derrick had brought out a new side to the crude and wild Lizzie... but every story has its ups and downs.

Derrick's never been in the radar at Monroe, which is a mystery considering he's a very hot young rising model then. Maybe because he never seemed to care much, except for his modelling career. He would REALLY do anything and everything for it, including leaving town for weeks. Lizzie was never really happy about it and while she tries to be the good wife (or girlfriend), it started to test her patience after a while.

Especially when he had an affair behind her back with some Monroe D-lister. To give the girl some credit, she was a model too. Liz had no plans of letting go of Derrick, and while she'd plotted revenge, it all went to waste - the girl left town and Derrick was too much of a sweetheart. She never really forgave him, just simply 'moved on' from it.

But of course, Lizzie has her faults, too. Like Rob Samuels. She can never shake him off her life, and neither could she ever say no to being involved in his little schemes. One that included posing as his girlfriend while Derrick was out of town just so that they could make Cam DiVello jealous (OMG how cheesy was this plot?!). 


If Liz and Cam hated each other then, they wished they could really kill each other by now. They even had a public rumble on an ice rink - which led Lizzie to turn to Rob to plot the whole 'make Cam jealous' at Charlotte's party. The plan worked in Rob's favor, of course. 

All seems to end well, when Liz scored an internship at ELLE magazine during this time. When everything was going smoothly - too smoothly - Cam enters the picture. And to make it worse, her best friend Ceci and even Derrick seems to be on board the 'I Love Cam' ship (those two were in the school committee then). A big blowup during an ELLE photoshoot led Liz to losing out the internship and even worse than that, she also lost her best friend AND boyfriend. 

Of course, Liz decided to plot a sweet revenge (without her partner in crime), by using a certain abusive ex-boyfriend of Cam's, Zack Carters. It did mess with Cam a little seeing the two people she hated the most together, but while Zack and Liz enjoyed a short 'relationship', they ended up being close buddies instead and even ended up as housemates in college.

Cam and Liz eventually decided to call a truce - - and as if to seal the deal, Cam also became the face of Lizzie and Libby's fashion label, LDV, alongside Derrick. 

Liz still hates Cam (and vice versa), but for now they're not after each other's throats - at least they're not trying to kill each other in public ice rinks no more. 


Everything was going well for Liz now that Cam and the whole drama is out of her hair. She was also graduating from high school - something she thought would be impossible when she first stepped her foot in Monroe. Her own career with LDV was taking off, surprisingly.

Derrick and her couldn't be more happier, either - until he got a modeling contract offer in Milan. Of course, he took up the offer, and they decided breaking up was probably for the best of their interests. 

Lizzie convinced herself that she was fine with the break up. She also convinced herself to enter college - Verona - despite earlier decisions to focus on LDV, as an attempt to mend her relationship with her estranged mother, who was a professor there. 

But getting over Derrick wasn't as easy as she tried to make it to be. She got involved in her old ways - drinking, partying, even drugs - when she befriend Felicity at Verona. Little did she know her new friend would get her overdosed, leading Liz to fall so deep even after the ordeal was over.

She turned to the one person who was always there for her - Rob. They ended up dating. But confused and always questioning her happiness, Liz decided to run. She left Rob, college, and everything she had, and flew off to Europe on her own. What she's trying to find, she's still figuring it out. And in the foreign city of Milan, she reunited with Derrick - and the last anyone head of those two, they were in Paris.


Lizzie's back in town - along with Derrick. She knows people will talk. She also knows she's got some answering to do.

But she's ready to face whatever that's coming her way. Girl's got guts ... do I sense some old-school Lizzie back in town?

(ps. lizzie's new model is ELIN KLING, btw)
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