King Park- La Dispute
I'm sick.
I'm stick physically.
And emotionally.
And mentally.
And I'm tired of people; tired of people not caring.
Sometimes I wish there was a way I could slip out of people's minds, no lucid memory of me.
But I can't, I have to deal with things.
Everybody has to.
It seems these feeling are becoming more common with everyone, so it's hard to sympathize. Everyone thinks they have it worse than each other.
But saying that other people have it worse off than you doesn't help; you're still suffering and you just get frustrated because nobody understands.
But people do understand; mostly everyone understands, they're just selfish and want their own help.
They want you to feel sorry for them, when you can't even manage to get yourself together, so it just ends up in a jumble and there's a false happy haze for awhile until you end up trapped in your own mind and everything starts all over again.
Then, you can't manage to sleep, because your thoughts keep you up all night and you frantically seek help, but nobody's around because it's too late at night and they're asleep until they end up in the same situation as you. 
So, you just stick it out and feel like a zombie in the morning and stay upset as they day goes on. You'll sit by yourself and insist to be left alone, even though all you want is company.
You just want company from a certain person, but that person doesn't pay any mind to you, because they don't know because you're too afraid to talk to them.
You're too afraid of being a burden and too afraid that they won't understand. You're too afraid that they won't give you the advice you need, or they'll think that you're idiotic for thinking such things.
And then you just can't take it anymore and desperately seek some guidance from that person. But you don't tell them exactly what's wrong, or you leave out too many details.
So then they can't give you what you want, tell you what you want to hear, so you just say thanks for what they did and act like you're completely okay.
But then you're not.
You never are.
You just have a little band-aid of relief, that will eventually will fall off and you'll feel the same all over again.
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