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This is kind-of a bloggy I guess?

1. Felicity Jones is one of my very favorite actresses. She's so talented and so beautiful, and her accent is adorable :) I am really fond of this Vogue UK shoot for the February 2014 issue. Most of the clothes featured in the shoot are Miu Miu and YSL, so that's just even better. 

2. I go back to school on Monday after a month off! I'm actually getting pretty excited for my new courses this semester. The classes I'm taking are:
-Spanish II 
-News Writing
-Media Production
-Curating Photography 
-Fashion Marketing 

I am especially excited about my fashion course! I got my books today and the fashion book is HUGE and gorgeous, I cannot wait to study it and then keep it afterwards for a nice coffee table book! The curating photography course should be interesting too, it's a senior level class but it's an elective that goes toward my journalism major. It's apparently about preserving photos? Can't wait to find out! My media production class is going to be great too (well I hope!) because one of my sorority sisters is in it with me and I know the professor through Film Club. Let's hope this semester goes well, and I hope it goes well for all of you who are in school as well! <3

3. ALSO, New Year's Resolution I thought of today: try to answer PMs in a timely manner. I am so horrible about answering PMs and answering them quickly. Sometimes it's hard on the app (which is often what I use these days) but I have gone through my entire Inbox and now only have a couple messages (but they're from people who PMed back today) so I'm pretty proud of myself. Next on my list is to clean my room!

4. I cannot wait for the new episodes of Sherlock to air here in the US! Gah. I recently finished the entire series of Breaking Bad (I'll be making a Breaking Bad tribute set shortly) and now I feel like I have nothing to watch though I have immensely TOO much to watch haha. 

5. I started reading The History of Love by Nicole Strauss yesterday. It's so interesting and really unique, I love it so far! I'm going to try to finish it by tomorrow night (or well, later today). That's one of my major resolutions: READ READ READ. Last year I was so busy and I kept putting off reading to write, but I feel like I need to read and write everyday, not just write. Reading makes writers better after all! So I'm going to try to read every night, and write when I can. School life and my social life will still be busy, but I think reading, if only for 15-30 minutes each day, really increases perceptivity and brain activity :) And it definitely helps that I have an abundance of books waiting on my shelf (or around my shelf since it's full...oops) waiting to be read. I have a problem with buying books long before I know I'll get to reading them xP

6. I bought some Godiva milk chocolate truffles the other day and they may very well be the best pieces of candy on the planet. 

7. Does anyone have any good recommendations for red lipstick? I have been wanting to get some for a long while because all I have is red lipgloss and it always rubs off. I want some that isn't a deep red, more of a soft red if that makes any sense. And I would like it to be more shiny than matte and stay on for awhile. I'm willing to spend a little more than drugstore brands (unless anyone knows any good drugstore brands for red lipstick), but I'd like to keep it under $20 if anyone has any suggestions? 

8. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an excellent movie and everyone should go see it. 

I guess I'm going to stop now. Haha :) Hopefully you enjoyed reading that if you read the whole thing. Have an amazing weekend everyone! 

Much love! <33 xx

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