If you can guess, this outfit is very much inspired by the welcoming of spring here in the Northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, most of the States have been confronted with winter once again and I am actually resorting to having to wear winter clothes for a little longer…but what's going to stop me from wearing my floral prints? NOTHING!
Florals for spring. GROUNDBREAKING.
Anyhow, now is the time for a TAG!
I was tagged by my friend, @bittersweet89. :) Here are her questions for me, but first, the rules:
Rule O1: Always post the rules.
Rule O2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule O3: Tag 11 new people

1. What is your greatest fear?
I guess I fear failure. But I know that if I work hard enough and I keep trying (cheesy, yeah, I know), some success will come, you know? Plus I will have my parents' support for a long time.

2. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
I most certainly have my pessimistic days, but 98% of the time I am an optimist. Try to find the silver lining in everything-if you can't find it-make one!

3. What was the last film you saw?
Last Friday my brother and our friend and I went to see "The Great and Powerful Oz" in the theater. Today, I watched "Rise of the Guardians" with both my brothers.

4. The last place you went on vacation? 
For spring break, we (my brothers and parents and I) went to visit family on the west coast.

5. Favourite subject when you were at school?
From when I was younger (elementary), I loved art. In high school, I really enjoyed history lectures because my teacher was so good at teaching-he made it feel like storytelling, not history lessons! Right now in college, I always enjoy my fashion studios.

6. Dream job? 
This is going to sound silly, but I want to be in the X-Men movies! Haha. Hello! Casting director, please cast me as Jubilee, please! That'd be a dream job.
It's kind of my childhood dream to be an X-(wo)man/superhero or work for Marvel as a comic book artist. But since I'm studying fashion, a costume designer or fashion stylist for a movie/tv/magazine/photo studio is probably my most realistic job at the moment.

7. If money was no object, which store or brand would you start buying from? 
Right now everything I've bought with my own money is mostly from fast fashion stores (Forever 21, H&M), so it'd be WONDERFUL to actually be able to afford anything from Dear Creatures and Madewell/JCrew and Anthropologie/Free People. I'm net even getting started on the "way up there" brands like Chanel. That's just crazy. 

8. Your most prized possession? (Something you can’t live without)
Let's leave people/pets (not that I have any pets) out of this question since it'd be impossible for me to choose. Hmm… I'm going to say my plush cat doll that I've had since the first grade. "She"'s falling apart and every time I come back to my house on school break, I sleep with "her". I'm such a CHILD

9. The best book you’ve ever read and worst book you ever read. 
Excluding comic books, I'll have to say my favorite at the moment is that StuPID BooK by STUPID STUPID John Green "The Fault in Our Stars" what a STUPID book writing about FEELINGS ugh am I right
oh yeah and the worst book I've ever read is Huckleberry Finn I hated it so much maybe it was because I was in middle school and I was forced to read it while all I could worry about was puberty.

10. Your current favourite band/musician?
Defunct band will always forever and be the Beatles. How could they not be? My favorite band still currently gigging it up would be The Horrors! The Strokes and The Kooks easily come in second depending on how I'm feeling.

11. Role model?
My dad. ^__^

If you read all this, you are officially TAGGED and now must do this survey, with my 11 questions! (No pressure, you don't have to do it if you don't have to). If you do it, please tag me so I can like/comment/follow your account/follow all your blogs/follow you into the dark/murder you/omg I was joking about that last one.

1) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? If you don't like ice cream, shame on you (kidding). Tell me your favorite dessert.
2) Where was the last place you shopped?
3) If I gave you a $100 bill, what would you spend it on?
4) How do you take your coffee or tea? If you don't drink either, you are either A) a robot or B) just different than most humans (aka a robot). Tell me what you like to drink.
5) What did you wear today/what are you wearing now?
6) Who would you take with you if you got two plane tickets? Where would you go?
7)Tell me the cute/embarrassing/sloppy/awkward/beautiful moment of your first kiss. If you haven't had your's yet (like me, HELLO cute people! Where art thou?), tell me who you'd like to have kiss you.
8)What kind of car do you drive? Or, what kind of car would you like to have?
9) Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were younger? At what age did you stop believing?
10) What's your favorite kind of shoe?
11) What is something you feel very strongly about? Elaborate! (Politics, religion, animal rights, etc.)
PS: I respect opinions, so don't think I'm trying to lure a thought out of you only to bite your head off-I'm only curious.

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