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SHORT BLOGGY below. I don't have much time, but I'd like to blog a little! :)

1. @istylista do you think that top left picture is Anabela Belikova? I clipped it from my blog and people on Tumblr were asking who the model was and that's who I told them she was. Looks like her, at least.
2. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I would totally wear it. In fact, I've worn an outfit very similar to it not too long ago. Only the colors of the stripes were reversed on the top. I wish I had those Tory Burch flats so bad...
3. Monsieur Robbie Wadge is looking pretty fine in that picture. Just another one of my husbands.
4. Five of my other husbands are right here http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly7ybm1w1T1r1f6t6o1_500.gif ohmygosh I just love that gif...
5. I got a 93% on my Calc test which I thought I failed! Definitely brightened my day :)
6. So apparently on Friday in Calc (yes, that is probably my most interesting class) I was "sassy". But hey, what do you do when your guy friend is pelting you with Hershey kisses wrappers and you have the perfect opportunity? See, he said some lame thing in Spanish, and said "yeah, I'm so smart in Spanish" and I just said in this /tone/ "yeah, because you're a senior and you're in Spanish two which I took when I was a freshman" and the entire class started laughing and my guy friend just sat there like "whoa, Taylor never talks like that" haha it was pretty funny. And then one of my other guy friends who was gone on Friday sees me in the hall today and goes "I heard you were sassy in Calc on Friday" and I was like "yeah, you totally missed out." xD
7. GUYSSSS I need to go shopping for Prom dresses I am so pumped, I already know who I'm going to to do my hair and makeup and I want to do my hair like how Bella had it in Breaking Dawn for the wedding. I know... But anyway, like this: http://hungeree.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-bella-wedding-dress-kristen-stewart-c.jpg and this: http://makeup411.com/411_product_images/3501_Kristen%20Stewart_Twilight_Bridal.JPG
8. So if anyone has any suggestions for relatively inexpensive Prom dresses, please comment below or PM me. I'm not sure if I want a long or a short dress, but I want either a purple, green, orange, or maybe pink or blue one. Haha well yeah and I also want probably strapless or one-shouldered. 
9. Mmmm muffins. So yummy. That one in this set looks scrumptious. 
10. Guess who's watching the debate tonight... Ugh yeah me... I have to watch it for government and take notes over it... Oh so fun... NOT.
11. Almost forgot about dear Abbey Lee! That's one of my favorite pictures of her <3

Hope you all are doing great and have a wonderful week I love you guys :)))

Comment "vas happenin' mum, vas happenin' mick" if you read the whole thing! x]]
xx Taylor
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