Comment about this set // I know, it's ugly and horrible . 
Anyways, I'm gonna point this out right know, so please read everything and understand this concept ; READ THIS ; ♥ 

We shouldn't be judging others, if they are gay, lesbian, or straight. Also, not only that concept, but there is something else, that people are not understanding, which gets me pissed. Emo people, shouldn't be JUDGED! You don't know their whole entire life and you don't understand the pain they go through, because I was once an emo, and do I seem rude? Probably, not. I might judge or be pissed, but I wouldn't cuss at your face or anything . ♥ 

Anyways, I couldn't write the story Skyrim, but I'll write the next chapter soon! Like tomorrow . ♥ 
My Loving Taggers! Thank you so much . ♥ //
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