there goes my hero. {THBOI; DADA}

my hero // paramore
i accidentally exited the page FOUR times while making this.
  • ˙ǝɯ ɹǝʌo llɐ spɹoʍ ǝɥʇ
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    "I shakily point my wand at the puddle, feeling faint. I mutter weakly "Riddikulus." Nothing. I clear my throat and take a deep breath. "Riddikulus!" I try again, clearly this time. The blood clears to a pale aqua, becoming a shallow pool of cool water." — @frenchthellama
  • Louise’s Predictons for Future Cormoran Strike books
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    "The dementor hovers in front of me, and I know that, behind the shadow of its hood, there is a merciless creature ready to deliver the kiss. My adrenaline kicks in. My wand is held solidly in my hand though I haven't cast the spell yet." — @frenchthellama
    Share After finishing The Silkworm, and re-reading The Cuckoo’s Calling, one thing is clear: there are a million different directions this series could go. Between Cormoran’s extended and largely dysfunctional family, the assorted supporting characters we’ve met and the tantalizing
  • hogsmeade | Tumblr
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    "I focus on my happiest memory. I recall the trip to Hogsmeade with my friends and now boyfriend. The feeling of his hand in mine, the homey scent of Honeydukes, the shouts of friends and strangers, the comforting taste of butterbeer, and the elation." — @frenchthellama
  • Holding hands
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    "These memories push away the heaviness I can feel from the dementors, and a renewed warmth flows through me. I raise my wand and point it directly at the dementor's chest. "Expecto Patronum," I say, loudly and calmly." — @frenchthellama
  • ocelot
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    "A silvery ocelot pours from the tip of my wand. It mewls loudly, flicking its tail aggressively and preparing to pounce. It launches itself at the dementor, clawing at the ragged robes. The dementor is forced back, retreating quickly from my patronus." — @frenchthellama
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  • advanced potion making
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    "My professor steps ahead of me, gesturing with his wand to duel. We circle impatiently, each waiting for the other to make the first move. My nerves are kicking in and I'm feeling jumpy." — @frenchthellama
  • Everything Harry Potter clipped by IrmaPace
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    "I cast Confringo, he blocks it with a well placed Shield Charm and sends a barrage of spells back at me. Somehow I manage to stay away from all but one, Diffindo. It cuts a small hole in my jeans, and I feel blood begin to soak my leg." — @frenchthellama
  • tales of the beedle bard | Tumblr
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    "Feeling faint, I clumsily make a plan. Casting Confringo to his right, I set a table on fire. While he's distracted with the table, I cast the first spell to my mind, Densaugeo. While he grapples with his newfound dental length, I hastily slip by." — @frenchthellama
  • The History of Magic - Eliphas Levi - Libra Aries Books
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    "While I could easily climb upon the platform, being taller than 5 feet, I decide to cast Wingardium Leviosa on myself. I levitate enough to make a soft and quiet landing on the platform." — @frenchthellama
  • Harry Potter - The Monster Book Of Monsters: Toys & Games
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    "To the three other platforms, I cast Wingardium Leviosa on the platform. It rises rapidly and steadily, delivering me to the other platforms." — @frenchthellama
  • Surf The Banners
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    "From the sparse foliage atop the tree, I see others milling about though nobody notices me. The visibility allows me to catch sight of a spongy patch of mushrooms below. I jump, careful to keep my feet below me." — @frenchthellama
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  • mushroom6
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    "I realize I'm falling too fast, so I cast Engorgio on the mushrooms to make them grow, and also Locomotor Mortis on myself, to hold myself in the air. This allows me to grab onto the tree trunk and slowly pull myself to the enlarged mushrooms and ground." — @frenchthellama
  • the whomping willow | Tumblr
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    "I note the finish line underneath the Whomping Willow. "Accio branch," I mutter, summoning a long branch laying near the tree. I then say "Locomotor Branch," sending it speeding towards the knot that freezes the tree. I sprint forwards to the finish line." — @frenchthellama
  • Standard Book of Spells Handcrafted Magic Book
    "I dash across the finish line, and point my wand to the sky. I focus and send an envoy of red sparks into the air with a whispered "Periculum." I hear a cheer and many people running towards me. I leave the shade of the Whomping Willow." — @frenchthellama
    Mainly Minis Dollhouse Miniatures Standard Book of Spells Handcrafted Magic Book [LAB-LB624-BOS1] - Just what your witch or wizard needs in your dollhouse Halloween scene or haunted house! This miniature Standard Book of Spells is 24 pages long including the flyleaves. It is printed, but the print is so tiny that the only page I can read is the title page.... It measures 1
  • honeydukes | Tumblr
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    "My reward is simple, but better than Galleons, in my opinion. A large bar of Honeydukes Chocolate and a box of Bertie Bott's are placed in my hands for my victory." — @frenchthellama

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