☸ there has been no great wisdom without an element of madness.

• name :: Eleanor "Ellie" Galaxy Beckett
• age :: fifteen
• hometown :: Tuscan, Arizona
• origin :: Irish
• appearance :: ebba zingmark ]
- ellie looks like your average human at a first glance. she has long red hair that falls an inch or two past her chest in waves. her skin is pale, with her face being shaped like a heart. it's free of imperfections, save for a few freckles on her nose. speaking of that nose, it's ski-sloped, but on the long side, something she personally loathes. her pink lips are very full and plump, almost pouty. she has almond-shaped eyes that are heavily-lidded, a dark shade of brown. they're framed by thin, very voluminous lashes and framed by thin eyebrows. ellie is a ` late bloomer `, having yet to develop curves; she stands at five feet and seven inches. overall, she's just a normal-looking seventeen-year-old.
• personality :: Ellie is extremely kind and gentle usually. Her personality is infectious, and she just loves brighting up people's day. She tends to be one who believes in good karma, and feng shui. She's bubbly, and usually not that soft-spoken
• biography :: To sum things up quickly, her mother is a carefree, yoga-doing, hippie and her father is a big-shot lawyer living in new york with his new wife. Ellie was born and raised in Tuscan, Arizona, where her mother taught her to just live the world, and do whatever. Ellie is a big believer in karma, and reincarnation. You can say Ellie is a hippie, like her mother, but really she's just learning how to live in this universe. She's actually a pretty awesome singer, sounding like Kate Mcgill.
Hobbies: Piano/Guitar, Singing, Fashion Blogging.
Secret: Ellie is always secretly keeping tabs on who's done what, believing in Karma and all, she will let you trust her, then backstab you.
Clique 1 { Invite }: It-girls, or the one lower.
Clique 2 {Open}: A-listers.

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