I just returned from one of the most wonderful and meaningful camps! The camp was called WOW Kampung, and it focused a lot on the 5Gs. The 5Gs are gracious, grateful, grounded, green and giving. Along with the rest of those who attended the camp, we went around Singapore trying to spread joy. It went from saying a simple 'good morning', striking a conversation in the train, singing songs in the train and even dancing in the streets. Striking random conversations is already something that I do, but singing and dancing was not. It was a step out of my comfort zone and really amazing to see how it could make someone smile. The dancing part was a bit awkward, imagine a group of girls walking up to a group of guys and asking them to dance with you. And said group of girls meant that you do the talking while your friends giggle. My cheeks were turning so pink! You guys should definitely try to smile or say hello to strangers, it can make both parties happy! 

School is over, yay. I am feeling quite neutral about it, since I have to submit a 3000 word essay next Friday (isn't school over?). I am really looking forward to another camp tomorrow, which has a mixture of schools going for it. Time to make new friends yeah! I also hope to bake more this summer, hmm. And stop snacking so much :p

QOTD: In books, summer is always painted as summer flings and drunken nights. Is that true in your case? Idk, cause for me, summer is not really about finding love and endless parties, but more of a time to relax. Some days I go crazy with my friends and family, but other days I just stay at home and watch movies because I think that is awesome enough ;)

PS: A really belated birthday present to the following girls! (Or you can take this as a gift) This may be late, but it is a small token from me to you. I do hope you continue to grow in love and grace. Never give up when the road gets rough, because you are tough! @pearlsandstars @leboutonderose @milkandabsinth @lizasamoylova @myduza-and-koteczka

**Shoes, ring and bag from http://www.choies.com.
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