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happy november! :) that's insane.. where did the time go? i've been waiting to post this set for what feels like forever. it's been like three weeks since i made it and honestly i'm so so proud of it; it's probably one of the best sets i've ever made?! like i've been staring at it for the past three weeks and i still love it so much i'm so proud of myself lol. i've also taken the heart out of my titles, changed my icon to the gorg emilia, and have started doing account of the day again so that's cool :)

my shirt of snapmade came and it's very nice ahaha. it's a light grey men's tee in small, and it has this speech bubble that macey made on it :) it's an inside joke we have from like 2008 (half a lifetime ago for me!) about a character on voyager hahaha. it came in the mail quite quickly too which is good. i like it

speaking of which, i've had the audacity to start reading harry kim x seven of nine fanfiction and it's like really good?!? mostly the rewrites, they're very interesting. no one wanted seven to get with chakotay anyway ugh worst pairing ever. literally my notp. gross this is my throwback for today! i like the set a lot but wow i'm so dramatic in the description??? who was i..
i need to refrain from saying that every time i choose a throwback. btw i'm actually having a throwback themed contest in my magazine set group if you want to enter that :) the old sets are really cute i love them

also i deleted thousands of items yesterday! apparently i was really into it yesterday considering i've been putting off organising my items for like two or three months. i'm going to continue that later on. i can't believe how much stuff i've saved that i won't ever use/don't like anymore haha

i'm just about to post round 6 of battle of the scenarios and it's an exciting one so watch out for that in a few moments! goodbye xx

comment a cute character from a movie if you read all of this! pascal the chameleon from tangled is soo cute ok u cannot disagree

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