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monday 24th of september, 2012;

I walked upstairs and approached Grace's bedroom door; it was best to tell her the good news at the dorms instead of in public. I knew Grace would be happy for my new relationship which may have caused her to scream, dance or even fist pump in public. I don't think she would have minded the stares but I had put that scenerio into thought. 

I tapped lightly on her bedroom door with my knuckles and waited anxiously before I heard Grace's voice shout from the opposite side, "Come in if you're good looking!" she spoke. I entered with a blush on my face and a smile that couldn't be taken off my face, no matter how hard someone tried. 

"You're definitely good looking" Grace nodded, she was sitting on her bed but she stood and ran toward me, wrapping her arms around me in a bear hug. 

"Can't. breath" I choked before she released me with a grin. 

We both laughed a little before Grace's curiousity got the better of her, "what's going on? Besides blessin' me with your presence." 

"I have some news" I said in a serious tone and putting on my most serious face. Grace's smile dropped instantly to a frown. "I think it's best if you sat down and I told you" I added; she did as I had said, sitting instantly on the bed and resting her hands in her lap. 

"What's wrong?" she asked worriedly. 

"I don't know if you can handle the news" I paused, "how do I tell you?" I questioned.

"Just tell me, please, Ally" the suspense was killing her. 

I allowed the silence to have a moment with us before I spoke, "Scott and I are going out" I grinned widely. 

"What. What? Oh my, what?!" Grace exclaimed, standing instantly with a matching grin on her face. "You're not pulling my leg, are you?" she questioned, I shook my head and she screamed once again. 

"Since when? How? Did he ask you or did you ask him?" Grace sat down, dragging me toward her and forcing me to sit beside her. 

"1. Since the boys soccer game. 2. Well, he basically just kissed me and-"

"Wait, he kissed you?!" 

"Yes and it was perfect!" I exclaimed back.

"Ohhh I told you that boy liked you back" Grace grinned largely, it seemed there was much running through her brain.

"Well yeah" I said, my eyes began to go red with embarrassment or just another form of blush, I didn't even know.

"I was rooting for you kids all along" Grace told me in a conspiratorial whisper. 


"Of course I was" Grace bounced back on the bed slightly, "You know I was and by the way your very welcome." Grace winked as she nudged my shoulder with hers.

"For what?" I asked, genuinely puzzled. 

"Well for getting you guys talking again at the frat party." Grace carelessly flipped her hair over her shoulder in a very Ariaesque gesture, "duh."

"Thank-you" I blushed, leaning over and embracing Grace in a hug. I think I may have caught her off guard but she hugged me back and released me, her grin wide and eager; she opened her mouth to say something but closed it again, the same action repeated twice before she decided to speak. 

"So, details. Yes, the details! Tell me everything" Grace said quickly through excitement. 

"Well, I went down to congratulate him after the win and he kissed me, so I kissed him back" I shrugged a little, trying to maintain a calm exterior though my mind was screaming similar to Grace. "He apologised afterwards but I kissed him again." 

"You kissed him?!" 

"The second time, yes" I nodded, stopping myself from biting my bottom lip. 


"After the game we went to the local Thai place and Liam kept making all these inappropriate comments and he said Scott was tiny" I continued to explain. "And Scott had his arm wrapped around me. It was really cute" I giggled. 

"Wait, tiny?" 

"Yes. As in tiny, tiny" I said, trying to hint to Grace what Liam had meant.

"Ally, I am shocked an appalled' Grace attempted to sound serious or stop herself from giggling. "€œThat'€™s not very lady like language."

“I didn’t say it” I shrugged, blushing though also smirking slightly, “Liam did.” 

“But you knew what he meant.” Grace teased, chucking an arm lightly around my shoulders, “Our little Ally is all grown up!”

“Get off” I laughed lightly, pushing her arm off.

“So what you’re dating now?” Grace asked for clarification. “Doing sickening couple things and everything?” 

“Yes” I nodded, not even blushing this time.

“Oh great” Grace faked a groan, falling back against her bed, “Now I have to watch everyone with their boyfriends or being in love with their best friend and I’ll sit here being a cat woman forever alone.” Grace pouted.

"And we'll find you the perfect little kitty cat" I paused with a giggle, "I could help you find one, if you'd like?" 

"Are you implying I will be the forever alone cat lady?" Grace gasped, though giggling with me. 

"Of course not" I shook my head. "We'll find you the perfect boy" I paused, "that isn't tiny either" I added with a grin. 

"Oh dear, where's the old Ally gone?" Grace joked with a grin. "The bad Ally has replaced my innocent little girl, now she talks about the size of boys-" she couldn't finish her sentence as we errupted into laughter. 

"I'm still here" I tackled hugged her, causing us both to fall off the bed and hitting the ground hard. 

"Ouch" Grace exclaimed though through laughter. 

"Thank-you, Grace, for cushioning my fall." 

Where would I be without this girl?
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