There’s No Place I’d Rather Be, Than On My Surfboard Out At Sea, Lingering In The Ocean Blue, And If I Had One Wish Come True, I’d Surf 'Til The Sun Sets Beyond The Horizon…A Lilo Collection

The tenth in the 13 girl Disney Heroine unofficial line-up, Lilo Pelekai from Disney's Lilo and Stitch
(Side note: All the Disney kids that I made collections for were imagined to be older, at around 14-17 depending on the character, Lilo being around 16)
My modern day Lilo is aspiring photographer, classic rock and roll enthusiast, and overall kooky eccentric. She’s the weird girl at school who gave up on fitting in years ago and would rather go to the thrift shop looking for treasure than the mall any day. Her style is whatever speaks to her and on most days is in your face prints.
For her closet I wanted there to be a feminine touch but still appropriate for her adventures life. Her color palette is based on a tropical Hawaiian theme and ocean and beach prints and some added bonuses of Elvis and The Beatles t-shirts and camera charms. Her active lifestyle requires loose fitted shirts and cut off shorts but still a pretty dress or two. –Snow White –Cinderella –Aurora –Ariel –Belle -Jasmine –Pocahontas –Mulan –Tiana –Rapunzel –Merida –Anna –Elsa –Alice –Wendy –Shanti –Anita –Eilonwy –Esmeralda –Meg –Jane –Kida –Lilo –Giselle –Charlotte –Vanollepe

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