there she goes.

; friend olya love
; strictly no nicknames
; fifteen
; born february ninth 1995 on a shower morning
; bristol, england
; 1OO% english; british
; emma watson
two almond shaped brown eyes, a skinny, perky nose, a little mouse mouth, that's as far as it goes.
; she speaks with a sophisticated, professional, yet know-it-all british accent.
; she's quite a know-it-all. she speaks with an air of confidence, or as if she's drinking high tea with the queen. she in reality is particularly smart, and likes to focus on her studies as well as her grades. the only time she laughs is if someone makes a joke about something like: 'and then she said to me: two times the radius is not the diameter, but circumference squared.' a joke that a know-it-all would make. or something that a close friend of hers said to be funny. as long as it was clean and not offensive, she'd chuckle. but who cares about that? her parents named her friend because they thought it was very unique and that it meant something. of course, she's not a try-hard ice queen, but it's difficult to make friends with her if you're too busy judging someone's outfit. she just wants to do well, and doesn't mind correcting people. you could call her a workaholic because she's an odd fan of working, and she never ever breaks the rules. we'll see about that.
; she can as i said, be very socially awkward, and it's very hard for her to make friends or joke around with other people her age because half of them only care about the social heirachy and don't even want to sniff past or breathe the same air as people like her. she's always been made fun of and hardly stands up for herself. she can be seriously OCD, and she works so crazily. other people can see that the reason she's all uptight and worked up is because she stresses herself out without even noticing it.
it was a sweltering hot night in england, for once. she was asleep; it was curfew for all the teens at her boarding school. this was when she was twelve and a half. she was shaking, so scared, for her own life. she could get killed, or worse, expelled - ;) - she shivered and shimmied out of her four poster bed and waited for the package. there was a knock on her door, and her under-the-influence, yet sleeping roomates stirred. she gulped and walked toward the door. a girl, or a boy, she couldn't tell- in a hooded jacket dropped a packet softly on the ground. she revealed herself under the hood. she had straight blonde hair with tiny curls in it and pearl blue eyes, with bright red lips. "use it carefully." she whispered.
so who was it, and what was inside?
family ;
mother- divorced- katie cassidy love
father- divorced- ronald laps
nanny- nancy magee
older brother, 19- harry love
academic information ;
she has always scored high on her tests and quizzes, always done extra credit and even got more than 1OO% on at least three of her major tests. she's always studied, crammed, studied, crammed, and studied and crammed all over again. you could find her in the library or the study hall entranced in deep homework or reading or studying hard. you'd hardly ever see her goof off, but she kept good balance of her academics and healthiness. every friday of each week, she'd get fresh air and exercise, though hardly ever relaxing. she would go to the dining hall when everyone was finished eating and eat a huge meal of sausage, salads, egg, bread and cheese for breakfast and small meals for dinner and lunch like grilled cheese, stuffing or salads. always ALWAYS studying. even during lunch. and don't bother to message her on facebook or twitter or polyvore or she doesn't have time for silliness like that. and she has one or two friends that she keeps keen focus on, like texts or calls or has small talk with every month.
additional information ; not right now
your house ; house of excellence
extra notes ; ( optional )
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Wrote three years ago
thank you! i'll start role playing asap c:

Wrote three years ago
accepted into house of excellence.
nice enrollment c:


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