WHICH TV presenter and part-time actress is feeling the single white female pressure lately? A few months ago, she spent the night with a girl she'd picked up in a bar - according to sources, the star isn't completely into girls, just curious. She didn't call the girl afterwards, which apparently didn't sit well with her one time lover, who's now following the actress around town and copying her every move.
Name: Pippa Malleson
Age: 19
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Known for: Getting her start in acting as a full cast member of the early 2000s preteen/teen series about young witches, ‘Bat Hollow Academy,’ as the punk goth girl with a heart of gold, April Jennings; later leading to a spin off series aimed at the audience which had grown up with the show, only to leave at the end of the second season due to an offer as a VJ on a Californian video show produced by MTV. Currently pursues voice acting, small film roles, and TV cameos, but maintains her full time position as the fan-favourite presenter on The Scoop and Dish (a gossip/news/fashion/music program aimed at young adults, specializing in breaking Hollywood gossip). She is little known, however, for her photographic memory (allowing her to do her job without the aid of a teleprompter) and her high IQ. Everyone forgets that.
Model: Emma Roberts
  • Tyler Shields Debuts MOUTHFUL Presented By A/X Armani Exchange In Support Of LOVE IS LOUDER
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    ""Hey guys, it's Pippa Malleson with your weekend celebrity gossip update!"" — @semper-eadem
    Actress Emma Roberts attends Tyler Shields debut of MOUTHFUL presented by A/X Armani Exchange in support of LOVE IS LOUDER at a Private Studio on May 19, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
  • Emma Roberts
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    "... this just in, Pippa Malleson is a big lesbian. Or at least that's what all the other networks are saying about me." — @semper-eadem
    celebrity gossip site with the latest entertainment news, hollywood gossip, gossip girls, and videos of your favorite stars and celebrities. kristen stewart robert pattinson.
  • brooklyn | Tumblr
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    "Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, LA has been kind of a big change for me. And no, before you ask, I don't have a Brooklyn accent." — @semper-eadem
  • In Gentrified Brooklyn, Hopes for More School Alternatives
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    "My mother is a guidance councilor for an inner-city high school. She thinks her dime store degree makes her a qualified, unofficial psychiatrist. She's not." — @semper-eadem
    Like many other gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhoods, Bedford-Stuyvesant has an influx of new residents who have a complex relationship with the public schools. But with the backing of a prominent charter school leader's husband, three Brooklyn charter school teachers are planning to offer an alternative in 2014. First, they are traveling to schools across the country to get ideas.
  • brooklyn heights | Tumblr
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    "My dad owns and operates the family hardware store, which is nearly 100 years old. It's kind of cool. He wants my brother Handel to take over when he retires. Handel has a couple disabilities, but dad has great faith in him. Handel doesn't." — @semper-eadem
  • bits&bites, Six HS sorority girls re-enacting solemn, secret...
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    "Back when I was a wide-eyed, braces-wearing youngster I starred in a show called "Bat Hallow Academy." It was basically the American version of Worst Witch and Sabrina combined." — @semper-eadem
  • ♪ I hate myself and I want to die ♫
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    "You might remember me as April Jennings, the stereotypically punk/goth young witch who had a characteristic twist in which she was one of the nicest characters." — @semper-eadem
  • Pull & Bear Mtv Print Top
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    "After that, I got a break on MTV with a hosting job." — @semper-eadem
    The model is wearing size M. MTV © 2012 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved
  • Stars Love Their Ellen Gear!
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    "I used to host the daily video countdown." — @semper-eadem
    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is an hour-long, five-days-a-week, talk-variety show. Find Ellen's monologue, celebrity photos and videos, games, giveaways, how to get tickets and more on The Ellen Show website.
  • Tv-Credit if Use @aphr0dite
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    "Now I have a job as the main host for The Scoop and Dish, a news/music/fashion/celeb gossip program aimed at young adults. We specialize in breaking news and gossip given the fact that we have multiple insider sources." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "Of course, being a presenter and informer of celebrity gossip I never expected to become a topic for discussion myself..." — @semper-eadem
  • Red Wine and Ambien.
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    "...one party, a few too many drinks, a good look at my relationship history and potential future, and one curious notion later and I'm front page news..." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "...though I never expected a one night fling and experiment with another girl (le gasp!) to result in having a stalker..." — @semper-eadem
  • Tumblr
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    "...which is what I got in the form of a former red head named Lily Jacobsson." — @semper-eadem
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  • i am as vain as i allow;
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    "I never called her back after I found her number in my phone. Or after all the photos from the previous night's romp showed up everywhere. And I mean everywhere." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "But what was I supposed to do? Call her and say, 'Hey babe, last night was great, but it's you not me.' .... okay in retrospect maybe that would have been a better idea..." — @semper-eadem
  • Emma Roberts | Tumblr
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    "... whatever. I'm not perfect." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "... just some overlooked genius with a photographic memory." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts
    More info
    "Nothing important." — @semper-eadem
    A tumblr dedicated to Emma Roberts. Cool.
  • emma rose roberts, my flawless darling.
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    "Regardless, my producer is kindly and willingly overlooking this 'indiscretion' and naturally none of us have said anything on air about it..." — @semper-eadem
  • IC☯NIC
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    "...okay maybe I alluded to it after a celeb I was interviewing made a jab at me, but all in good nature." — @semper-eadem
    Chuy. 20. I live for many different types of art. And I live in the hood. #witchsquad
  • emma rose roberts, my flawless darling.
    More info
    "My cohosts don't care, so long as 'don't stare at them.' We act like sisters, but both of them are kind of jerks." — @semper-eadem
  • emma rose roberts, my flawless darling.
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    "My twitter account, #therealpip, gets flooded everyday with tweets from fans. I almost got a Teen Choice Award last year and I've been voted as the fan favourite host of Scoop and Dish. Basically I'm awesome." — @semper-eadem
  • emma rose roberts, my flawless darling.
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    "Becky, however, thinks she's the top host. We never see eye to eye." — @semper-eadem
  • alison brie | Tumblr
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    "And then there's Gracie, who usually gets stuck doing really awful on location things like talking to teenagers in the streets. But she's new and everyone loves her." — @semper-eadem
  • los angeles | Tumblr
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    "So living in the land of stars I make my fortune, and infamy apparently." — @semper-eadem
    More info
    "You would think that in a city as big as LA I would be able to escape her, but she keeps popping up every where I go..." — @semper-eadem
    A blog dedicated to the gorgeous Freya Mavor and her character Mini Mcguinness on the E4 series...
  • the one and only micaiah okonkwo
    More info
    "... it's kind of freaky. And terrifying at the same time." — @semper-eadem
  • jonah hill | Tumblr
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    "But at least I have Dev (short for Devon Alton) - we've been friends for as long as I can remember. I dragged him out of Brooklyn to live in LA with me. And he gets paid just to hang out with me (or not) because we tell everyone he's my PA. True story." — @semper-eadem
  • The Rock - Dwayne Johnson
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    "This is Kip, my recently hired bodyguard. Everyone has taken to calling us Kip and Pip - it's annoying. He got kicked out of the secret service or something and now freelances as a personal security guard. He kind of freaks me out." — @semper-eadem
  • gillian anderson | Tumblr
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    "And finally Mona, my agent/manager. Being a B-list celebrity is so demanding apparently I have to have her running my life, which she does quite well. She's like the mother I kind of wish mine was... or maybe she's a different side of the same coin." — @semper-eadem
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "That's really all you need to know about me for now. And that I don't even run my own Twitter account. Or at least not now. Just FYI." — @semper-eadem
  • Brittle Lives
    More info
    "In closing, I just hope that I don't get bumped off by one Lily Jacobsson. I'm afraid of my life turning into one of those thriller flicks where your stalker tries to become you. Or kills you." — @semper-eadem
    Brittle lives and bitter lies.
  • emma roberts | Tumblr
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    "Until my own reputation gets out of hand, I'll still be bringing you the latest gossip and news about your favourite or lest favourite celebs every night like nothing's wrong." — @semper-eadem
  • Desk glamour
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    "From the desk and files of Dr. Ina Eddingston, PsyD. Patient File Malleson, Pippa Katrina." — @semper-eadem
  • Young and restless.
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    "In weeks subsequent to the 'indicident' (read entry #1, paragraph 2), Pippa becoming increasingly withdrawn and displaying paranoid behavourial tendencies in regards to one Lily Jacobsson." — @semper-eadem
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." I'm...
  • I'm so Amber Rose!
    More info
    "Despite laudable efforts to keep face and act as she normally would in everyday circumstances, deep unhappiness in regards to her current situation is v. evident. No medication prescribed to date." — @semper-eadem

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