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streets of seattle audition

name: Violet Calloway 
age: 21
birthday: December 14 
year: Senior
major: Art History 
hometown: San Francisco, California 
style: Retro, she likes mini dresses, 60s influence but still modern 
biography: Violet wants to work in a gallery one day. Art fascinates her and she is inspired by Andy Warhol and Edie Seggwick. Violet is likes to climb the social ladder. She is very flirtatious, charming and a bit of a part girl too. 
model: Alexa Chung
taken by: @b0hemian-lovers

(in character)

▶Tell us about you.
Well, I guess I'm a bit of an old soul. I grew up with my dad, who was a musician, and moved around a lot with him. My mom died when I was young, due to drug overdose. Though I don't really tell others. My dad never spent very much time with me, and he wasn't a very responsible father. He used to drink a lot, and would sometimes do bad things. He hit me once when I was fifteen, and the neighbour across the street called social services. They took me away from my father, and I never saw him again (as far as they know). Though every time he played in San Fran, I went to the show, and I would go see him. He was always to drunk to realize who I was. 
I never gave up on my father, but I guess he did. My senior year in high school, I met a boy, and I fell for him, a little too hard. After three months, things got a little weird and one day, he poured something in my drink, and he raped me. 
I was so freaked out, that I swore myself off from everyone until I finally got help at the end of the year. I had been bouncing from family to family after they took me away from my dad, making it impossible to talk to my 'family'. I had friends, but when everyone found out about the truth, they called me a sl-ut and didn't talk to me. 
I was so happy to come to Seattle for school and finally change my life. I haven't told anyone, and I am finally starting to forget about it all.

▶How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
I wish others would see me as a confident young woman, because then maybe I would. But I'm insecure, and it shows. Still, I've made quite a few of friends. I just don't really hang around hardly any guys. 

▶What is your history? Tell us about life growing up.
Well I think I pretty much explained it in the first question, but it was hard. My mom died of a drug overdose, my dad hit me and was an alcoholic and I ended up in more foster families than I even remember from the age of fifteen until I turned eighteen.

▶What are your likes, dislikes, favorite bands, hobbies, ect? 
Likes: libraries, tea, art, andy warhol, haight-ashbury, candles, indie-folk music, paper, rings, sweaters
Dislikes: boys, her father, drugs, alcohol, one-night stands, horror movies
Bands: lana del rey, florence + the machine, of monsters and men, ed sheeran, mumford and sons, adele, daughter, simon and garfunkel, 
Hobbies: art, i love to paint and draw. 
▶Finally, If there was a quote to describe you, what would it be?
I think it would be 'we accept the love we think we deserve'. I think my above answers explain that one.

(out of character)

▶Why do you want to be apart of this roleplay? 
I really love college roleplays, and I have wanted to be in this one since it opened!
▶What other roleplays are you in and do you think you will be able to make at least one set a week (preferably more)? 
Yes I will definitely be able to! I am only playing a character in more than words right now, so I would have plenty of time to write for her!
▶Do you have some sort of storyline planned for your character? 


I remember waking up. In a dark room, in a bed, naked. And there he was, the monster was in the bed. And he looked at me, and I started crying. But he just kept looking at me. 

I ran. I ran as far away as I could. But the feeling wouldn't go away. It never does, and it never will. 

I snapped back into reality, and I was on the plane. On my way back to Seattle. I had spent my summer in France, interning at the Musée de Louvre. It was amazing, and I wish I never had to leave. I met so many amazing artists and went to so many great art events. 

I am glad to be going back to school, though. This year is going to be great. It will be a new semester, and a new Violet. And I was ready to shine.


@the-wild-things Here's my audition! I would loooove to join this roleplay, please consider my audition!
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