So, this set was difficult to make. It was difficult, because I have so many freaking ideas for sets and outfits and whatever, and I had to choose the right light colored outfit for this set, and I have many. I have a lot of different outfits in my head now, because I'm thinking about what I'd like to wear throughout the year. I don't know why I'm thinking about clothes, it's not a normality for me. But, Spring, ya know, I'm thinking about re-doing everything, and fixing everything up, and what not. For example, I've lost 15 pounds :D I'm quite ecstatic. I only have about 25 more to go, then I'll be my goal weight, and all I'll have to do is keep it off :D I'm really happy. Even though it feels like nobody wants me to feel happy about this. But I don't care. I'm ignoring their "suggestions" and "recommendations," because it's all really starting to piss me off. Oh well. I enjoyed the colors of this set, it was fun (:

Oh, that reminds me, I'm off school today, because this morning, nearly all of the electricity in the province went off! It was crazy. Only like, the northern part of the province had power. So I got to stay off school for the morning, and then the power came back on, and my mother is graciously allowing me and my sister to stay off the entire day(: I get to skip a socials test (and study today, unfortunately).

Well, I suppose that concludes my description. Brace yourselves for a lot more sets, because I have ideas, and a pitiful amount of time on my hands.


Lol, I find that so cute ^ :D
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