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It was past curfew when I walked out of my room, I was too high to attempt to try and sleep so I walked down the silent corridor my fingertips grazing the side of the stone wall. I didn’t have any clue where I was walking; just letting my feet direct me as I was lost in my thoughts. 
Snapping out of my daze when I felt the cool air on my skin, I blinked a few times finally realizing I had made my way out side. I bit my lip and kept walking till my feet stopped at the edge of a sparking blue pool, the moon reflecting in the glass like surface of the clear water. 
I smiled too myself as I finally decided on a way to pass my time, my fingers reaching for the hem of my shirt to tug it over my head throwing it to the ground. Kicking off the boots I had been before my bottoms where pushed down my legs pooling on the ground I stepped out of them before diving into the pool. 
"Nice view..." a familiar voice called.
 I was startled with the sound slowly turning around to see Matt at the edge of the pool a smirk on his lips and a cigarette between his fingers, "What are you stalking me?" 
"Hardly….I was watching the water ripple under the moon." He smirked, taking the last drag off his cigarette. "You are so simple." I rolled my eyes, treading the water as I pushed my hair back from my face. 
"Yet I know you're still interested." He smirked, taking the last drag then snuffing out the cigarette under his sneaker. 
“Keep thinking that." I muttered. 
"I will. Thanks." He nodded, peeling off his shirt then kicking off his sneakers. 
"What the hell are you doing?" I called, watching him shed his clothes. 
"Going for a swim. I see it's a bit cold but I'll deal." Indicating to my perky n!pples with a grin as he undid his jeans.
I smirked watching as he pushed his jeans to the ground, “Are you sure you could afford to come in? Wouldn’t want your c.ck to get any smaller.” I bit my lip to stifle the laughter that threatened to fall as Matt shot me a warning look, his eyes flashing with rage. 
"I don't get shrinkage..." He answered as he pushed his boxers along with the jeans, heading over to the edge to dive in. 
"Sure..." I laughed, looking around for him. 
He came up behind md, his arms going around my waist to draw me against him. "Boo..."
“F.ck Matt,” I hissed nudging his chest with my elbow as his arms held me tight against his bare chest, I lanced over my shoulder to shoot him a glare.
He smirked at my face, “Did I scare you Mason?” he whispered in my ear, breath grazing over my neck causing little Goosebumps to occur on my wet skin.
“No,” I shot back, wiggling against his grasp, “Let go Matt”
"What's your hurry?" He inquired as he pressed a kiss just beneath my ear. 
"I'd rather not have your shrunk d.ck against my ass." I protested, wiggling in his grasp. 
"Liar…Insults will get you no where..." He muttered before biting down on my neck.
My hand reached up to run through his hair as his teeth sunk into my skin, a moan escaped my lips as his teeth moved deeper into my skin. Matt smirked, his tongue darting out to lick at the blood that was seeping from the wound I took this opportunity to wiggle out of his grasp a glare on my face. “F.ck off Matt” I hissed rubbing at the bite mark on my neck.
"I did that last time and you got all pissy." He smirked, watching me as he leaned against the edge of the pool. 
"I did not!" My hand came down against the water to splash him. 
He laughed, putting up his hand to block the water, "Right…And what is this attitude?"
I glared, “this is the hostility I feel toward you for leaving me hor.ny in the middle of the hallway.” I ran a hand through my wet hair before glancing at Matt “and I came in here to swim not to be teased by you.”
"Then by all means swim, princess…" He shook his head. "Call it revenge for the time you stole my pills and left me horny…" He shrugged his shoulders.
I growled glaring at the lanky brunette, moving closer to Matt my hand reaching out so I could poke his chest “Don’t call me princess.” 
"What are you going to do about it..." he paused for effect, a grin stealing across his lips,"...princess?"
“You’re such an ass.hole,” I hissed my hands pushing against his chest to slam him against the pool wall, a smirk playing on my lips when he winced. 
He saw my smirk and glared, capturing my wrist to pull me against him, "And you're a f.cking b.tch. Watch who you push around, princess."
“Why Matt?” I breathed my face inches from his, ours lips almost touching as I glanced up at him a smirk replacing my surprised gasp, “are you going to punish me?” I murmured against his lips my eyes still locked on his blues. 
"I think you'd enjoy that too much." He rumbled, his eyes burning into mine, his hand not loosening his grip on mywrist but tightening.
I winced giving him a smile, biting my lip a moment to hold in my moan, "You'd enjoy it too, Matt. Don't lie." His breath picking up, "Maybe..." 
"Should we test it?" I arched a brow at him, a sly smile tugging at my lips. He didn't answer but leaned in to press his lips against mine hard, not holding back the bruising kiss.
My lips pressed back harder against his, my free arm moving to wrap around his neck to pull him closer. The kiss turned harsher our teeth clashing together, his tongue thrusting into my mouth forcefully to tangle with mine.
 A moan escaping my lips only to be muffled by his when he bit down on my lip his teeth tearing into the skin before releasing it. I pulled away from him, my chest heaving as I shot him a smirk licking at the bite mark on my lip. 
A smile was briefly upon his face as he swam closer to me, pushing me against the wall this time as he grabbed my leg to draw around his waist, leaning in to press his lips to mine again, not holding back at all.
My arms moved around his neck drawing his body tighter against mine, a gasp escaping my lips as his hard d!ck pressed harder against me. My legs wrapped around his waist as my hips began to grind against his, our tongues tangled together as the kiss deepened further, nails digging into the back of his neck. 
He bit her bottom lip as I dug into him, one hand drifting between us to line himself up, his hips arching forward to pin me against the wall. A pleased smirk as I gasped, turning his head to brush his tiers against my jaw, a kiss or two to my neck also. 
I glared when I saw his cocky expression, "Ass.hole.." I grumbled, biting my lip when he shifted before starting to roll his hips. 
"Oh shut up..." His smirk lingered, nipping at my throat as he picked up his pace, the water being churned up around us.
My mouth opened to retort but he cut me off with a hard kiss, his tongue thrusting in to deepend the kiss almost immediately. I bit down on his tongue as it went to tangle with mine, a smirk on my lips as Matt drew bacl to shot me a glare. Rolling his hips foward sharply causing a moan to spill from my lips, he smirked at me as I shot him a look, his hips clashing against mine. 
I leaned my head forward to bite his shoulder, muffling the moans that fell from my lips. Matt’s hands gripping my hips drawing me hard against him, my back arching with the feverish thrusts, biting down harder on his pale skin. 
He groaned with the bite, his long fingers digging into my hip as he kept me pinned to the wall with powerful thrusts, "F.ck Mase..." I began tightening around him, so close. 
I darted the tip of the tongue across the broken skin, a smirk as he hissed. My hands running up his chest and around his neck again, pulling him down for another kiss only to be broken when the build up became too much, my head falling back as I moaned his name, "Matt..."
He followed after a couple more rolls, his hips arching against mine firmly as he let go, "F*ck.." He muttered, resting his head against my shoulder as he tried to catch his breath.
My breathing still laboured as I ran a hand through my hair a small smirk playing at my lips when matt’s head snapped back up to look at me. 
“That was the third time Matthias,” I breathed, looking up at the tall brunette.
He cocked an eyebrow, “So?”
“I thought you only f.cked girls once?” biting at my lip, and tilting my head to the side as my eyes studied his face waiting. 
"Not all girls…" He spoke quietly, swallowing hard as his fingertips skim over my hips before he stepped back.
I smirked, "I see…Going to become a common occurrence than? Repeats for everyone?" I was having a good time with this, holding onto the edge of the pool.
"Just…shut up." He grumbled, moving over to the ladder and climbing out, heading for his boxers and jeans, pulling them on. Picking up his t-shirt and sneakers after and glancing over to me.
I was still in the same spot, watching him with a smile, "See you later, Matthias..."
"Yeah....Maybe." He answered before walking off, heading back to the castle leaving me to start my midnight swim.
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