-Rough draft. I'll edit it later, but I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in readying more.
 -Let me know in the comments. Thank you.
 -Love, Mahalia. 

 “I live in a world of simplicity and rules, Carlisle. My life is planned, I know exactly where I’ll be next week, next year, and even ten years from now. I’ll marry someone in my tax bracket, I’ll have three kids and a dog, I’ll be happy with my simple life. But that will be my life, Carlisle.” Emma tried to keep her voice steady as she spoke, but it was hard to remain calm when the gorgeous blonde boy’s hand was on the small of her back and his head tilted down so their faces were mere inches apart.
 “But that’s not the life you have to have, love.” Emma did her best not to melt at that perfect british accent of his. “You could have a life with me, a life of excitement. We could have three gorgeous children and teach them how to live the unexpected. You and I could spend every moment wondering where we’ll be the next, we can discover new things, we could do anything we want. Together.”
 “I get that that has always been your expectation of life but not all of us grew up with a hundred million pounds to our names.” Emma, who had been looking down at their shoes, looked up into his eyes, which were surprisingly close to her own.
 “If my money is the issue then I will happily give it all to a charity of your choice, we’ll hitchhike, stay in hostelries, and get jobs waiting tables when we need cash and when we get too old for that we’ll pick a country and go to uni and work and when we have a degree worth having we’ll get nice jobs and vacation all the time.” Carlisle smiled and moved his other hand to brush gently against her cheek. “I don’t think you understand how much I want to be with you, Emma.”
 “I...” Emma tried to think of something to say, more reasons why this was wrong, why they shouldn’t be together but Carlisle’s lips had found hers and all of her thoughts slowly slipped away.
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