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Hannah Darval; August 20

It was 10 in the morning when I managed to pull myself from bed - which is quite an achievement I might add. It totally had nothing to do with the ringing of the phone. I was going to get up at that moment anyway, it was just purely a coincidence that was the moment Uncle Shane chose to call.

“Hannah, I didn’t wake you did I?” He asked clearly amused at himself. Whatever he could be a stupid head in Pittsburgh for all I cared.

“No of course not.” I chirped, or as close to a chirp as I could manage early. Or ever. I so wasn’t one of those obnoxiously chirpy people.

“Alright.” He said like he didn’t believe me. Which was really stupid but whatever.

“What can I do for you?” I asked, choosing to simply ignore him being…well himself I suppose.

“It’s about this weekend sweetie.” He said no longer laughing and wow my stomach just dropped. He wasn’t going to come and that thought honestly made me nearly tear up which was stupid. I would be 20 soon I wasn’t the 16 year old girl who had just moved here and missed her only family member something terribly. 

“Oh?” I asked failing at nonchalance something terrible. really I failed at lying and acting constantly. This was why it was Steane’s area not mine - except I should not be thinking of Steane and I wasn’t. Not at all. “What about it?”

“Carlie has had something come up this weekend so she can’t make it down.” He said hesitantly. Did that mean he wasn’t coming? Because I liked his wife, I did but damn I didn’t want to not see him because of her stupid legal career. A Lawyer and Cop, really who decided that would be a good idea?

“Oh no.” I said, and really I was genuinely sad but also hesitant about where this was leading, “What about you?”

“Of course I’m coming,” He laughed and I was sure he’d heard the worry in my voice, idiot. “I wouldn’t miss my darling Hannah’s 20th.”

“Shut up.” I grumbled, suddenly wondering why I’d worried about not seeing him. He was just a meany face, “You won’t even be here on my birthday.” I added like the petty teen I totally am. For 4 more days.

“No,” He hummed in response. And said nothing else. What was even his point.

“Was there actually a point to this call?” I asked in mock exasperation, and well actually I think it was a little bit more believable that usual. Hey.

“Yes. Carrie and Tessa really want to see you.” He said and ok I was actually lost as to where this was going, “So do you think you could put up with your old, invalid, uncle for an extra weekend?”

Inside I was ecstatic. I didn’t tell him that of course, “I’ll have to see. Check my calendar and such.” I said with a grin.

Almost half an hour later I was still chatting to him, and I realised guiltily that this was the longest conversation we had had in a long time. Stupid fucking Steane had really ruined my entire life, even my relationship with my family.

“I’m really sorry sweetie,” he said, cutting off my rant about toy poodles or something and he actually sounded sorry, “But I have to go to work.” I think it was the first time he’d ended the conversation instead of me and again I felt a stab of guilt. And again I cursed Steane.

I pouted even though he probably couldn’t see me “Alright I guess I understand.” I said, and I totally did though I did not have to like it, “Shoot some bad guys but don’t catch any murders or something,” I said warningly, “If you miss my birthday I will murder you.”

“I love you to Hannah.” He said, amused yet again.

“Love you to Uncle Shane.” I said, feeling strangely like the young girl that moved her and had to grow up so quickly, I really fucking missed him, “See you soon.”

“See you sweetie.” He said before disconnecting. 

Feeling both empty and ecstatically happy at the same time I took my time getting dressed before heading downstairs. On the stairs I was hit with the smell of warm coffee. Dean.

“I thought I wasn’t going to see you again till Thursday.” I called out with a cheeky grin, hurrying a bit now because coffee, “You just couldn’t stay away?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

Except I froze because that was not Dean. No that was the back of a very very familiar blonde head, “Steane.” I said in quiet resignation. Did he just not get it. Was he stupid or something?

“Hey Babe.” He turned towards me, though lacking the grin I was thoroughly expecting. “Expecting someone else?”

“What are you doing here Steane?” I asked feeling my good mood disappear, leaving me with the simple hollowness. 

“I made you breakfast.” He said gesturing to the waffles and coffee behind him. Damn it looked and smelt good but ugh that wasn’t the point and bribing me was not going to work.

“Steane why?” I asked, rubbing my eyes and leaning my weight against the door.

“Because I’m trying to show you how sorry I am.” There was the passion I was used to, though not angry passion. That was nice and reminding me why I loved him and no, no I could not do this. I would not do this again. I would kick him out.

“I get it, you’re sorry. I forgive you again, I’ll always forgive you.” I sighed. He smiled, a true genuine smile at that and no, I couldn’t look at him because I could feel my resolve crumbling, “I’ll always forgive you but we need to end this once and for all. It’s not healthy.”

“Hannah. I love you.”

“I know.” I shrugged, “But seriously I can’t do this, it’s bad for me and you and both of us. Personally and professionally.”

“Don’t pull that BS Hannah.” He snapped and there was that anger. He banged his palm on the bench and I flinched back. I was not expecting the violence, the anger but I should have. My resolve completely rebuilt itself then.

“Get out.” I said completely coldly, shutting down. Clearly he could see it because he brushed past me, heading for the door.

He was almost gone when I remembered. Remembered he still had the key. I could have called out after him, asked for it back except I didn’t. He’d probably ignore me and pretend he hadn’t heard me and I didn’t want an argument now. Hopefully he’d gotten the message anyway.

And hey if I ate the waffled and drank the coffee, I totally deserved it. Plus starving children and everything.
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