❀ otherside remix ❉ macklemore ft fences ❀

✽ you are stronger than you know ✽


that song is truly amazing. so is his other song
" same love " . tbh i support gay rights. and if you
don't then idk why we're friends. i mean what is
wrong with gay rights ? oh because god is 
against it . no just no. gtfo.

right now im pretty piss3d off. i'll give you a rant.

you dont act like you like me. like wtf. why give the
whole show to prove that every little fu-cking
you said was a lie. you expect me to like you
when only a bit of the stuff you say to me is true?

o and how people can be such bast4rds. i've lost
so many people and still people don't fu-cking
care. you call me a slu-t. a b-itch. i don't know
what i've done. tbh im on the edge of leaving 
this d-amn website. everyone on here seems
to be a bi-tch to me. exception for a few.
i use to be happy and sh-it. what the h3ll 

ok im done bye.
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