There's No Such Thing as a Small Enemy...

♚ full name: Amaryllis Quella Beauxmonte
♚ pronunciation: Ah-mar-ee-al-lis Kw-el-la Bee-yu-mont
♚ nicknames: Beau (pronounced "Bow")
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♚ age: 15
♚ birth date: April 5th
♚ hometown: Napier, New Zealand
♚ origins / nationality: New Zealand/Canadian
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♚ appearance: Nina Dobrev *of course scrolling down wouldn't hurt either...*
♚ personality: Beau is extremely polite- OVERLY polite. She tends to be quiet and introverted around others. Amaryllis is very respectful and honest. The only lies she tells are ones that are for like surprise parties and such. Beau seems like the perfect target to get bully- rich, beautiful, quiet - but she is a queen bee who hides her power. Piss Beau off and you're on the highway to hell- literally. Her caliber to create, plan, and execute revenge is so astute and precise, she's very high in the ranks. Once you gain her loyalty, you have an amazing ally. Sadly, she's very mistrustful due to her childhood and she just prefers flying solo. If you try to force her to do something she doesn't want to do, you're just asking to get hurt.
♚ likes / hobbies: Chess, Checkers, Sudoku, Strategy games, All the CSI, The Mentalist, Bones, Law and Order kinds of shows, Mint, Sports where you have to plan ahead, Math, Archery, Culture classes, Books, Reading, Playing the harp, Fuzzy socks, Being rich, Good hair days
♚ flaws: Well, for starters, she does over thinks a lot, assuming people are like her at strategies. Beau is also extremely detailed to the point where people don't care and her hard work goes to waste.
♚ biography / family: Not much is known about Beau except she came from a proper rich aristocratic family. What people don't know is the violent past it has. When Amaryllis was little, her eldest brother, Adrien, brutally assaulted their grandfather with fatal wounds. That led to getting a lot of inheritance early as Adrien was always favoured by that grandfather. Later, her younger sister Talulah was born, but with a price of the loss of their mum. Talulah was never satisfied with any amount of wealth and quickly started getting into the black market with the frequent threat messages and assassins coming after her, but the problem was that Talulah resembled very closely with Amaryllis so they'd attack her instead. Talulah- greedy little thing -did nothing to help her. Beau's father, Maximilian-Gregory Brisbane-Beauxmonte, had a very busy life, being an Earl. He even confronted Beau when she started getting influenced by her siblings. Mr. Beauxmonte told his daughter that if she caused problems like the other two, he'd disown her and deny she was ever his daughter. The press only truly known Adrien and Talulah as they got into a lot of trouble.
♚ other: Occasionally, Beau models under the alias "Beau Quellane"- her nickname "Beau" + her middle name "Quella" and one of her father's last names, "Brisbane."
♚ open clique choice: The Pretty Little Liars
♚ invite clique choice: Elites
♚ sample roleplay:
αмαяуℓℓιѕ qυєℓℓα вєαυχмσηтє "Beau" - тнєяє'ѕ ησ ѕυcн тнιηg αѕ α ѕмαℓℓ єηєму...
Beau slipped efficiently out of the glistening black pricey limousine, heels first. Her shoes make a click clack noise when they hit the ground as she exited the vehicle. Amaryllis scanned her surroundings hastily, clutching two of her four bags. Beau jet lagged-ly worried she over packed as she wasn't sure how much she would need if she were staying here for the rest of the school year and if she would be let to have some of her stuff flown in.
'Better safe than sorry.' Amaryllis thought to soothe her anxious nerves.
She quickly made her way to the gates of the school, pausing momentarily to make sure her butler was following her lead with the rest of her luggage. As soon as Beau verified that her butler wasn't incompetent, she abruptly pivoted back towards the gates. Amaryllis bristly walked through the now open gates as they had opened the moment she started walking towards them.
Beau's eyes darted around and locked in her mind her surroundings. The campus was awfully quiet, a tad too quiet, but then again, only the privileged are eligible for this education. She briskly pushed all thoughts and musing aside and speed walked with elegance to the entrance of her new school and opened the doors.

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Wrote three years ago
nono, don't change it :D it's not used often, that's why i chose it also

Wrote three years ago
@tristycat What? Your third gen is named Amaryllis? *groans* I don't want her name to be like everyone else's -.- I looked up names that AREN'T used often...

Wrote three years ago
hehe, you stoles my 3rd gen charrie's name :3
i is flattered


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