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April 11, 2012

Awkward how I make summery sets when it's cold outside and wintery sets when it's nice... ;)

But okay just wanted to make a quickie set and oh look... here's a 1D rant (don't read it if you want to obvs but here we go): 

1) Okay. So there's this girl in my grade who recently discovered 1D and now she's "obsessed" (I put that in quotes b/c trust me, babe, you ain't obsessed until you stalk them 24/7 like MOI). And she's been spreading the word about them all over school and trying to find other Directionators (my word, not hers...cause well that's my opinion) because she "feels so bad" that--and I quote--"no one is as obsessed with them" as she is. HA. FALSE. And now she's like legit determined to start a 1D club in our school to raise money to rent them for a private event and like raise awareness about them or some stupid stuff like that. NO. Repeat after me. THE BOYS ARE OUR LITTLE SECRET. THE BOYS ARE OUR LITTLE SECRET. As if there aren't enough Directionators in our school. ASKFJSGH. They make me so annoyed. Sorry. I don't hate people, I promise. But I hate the Directionators in them.

2) Today I heard that this clique of like pretty, popular girls--they're the type that names their clique "Mean Girls"-style--are ALL going to the Beacon Theatre concert. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. And I was casually stalking one of their twitters (I mean, I had to confirm this rumor of course ;)) and some girl tweeted one of them about being "officially obsessed" with 1D and this girl whose twitter I was on says something like "HA. Newbie. So three months ago." UHM TRY /SO A YEAR AGO/. Like I realize not everyone has been there since "Torn" but come on... Only discovering them after they came to the US? That's a little reminiscent of a Directionator. 

3) So I have this friend and like she's known about my obsession with 1D for like months now because she sits next to me in one of my classes and she always sees me doodling their like name or lyrics or whatever all over my agenda. And so I always ask her about her current song obsession because she usually has like interesting ones and well I asked her today. She goes, "I've been really obsessed with One Direction lately." IMAGINE. MY. SHOCK. Like she had the opportunity to know about them months ago and she's just starting to like them now? DIRECTIONATOR. But then one of my good friends who's like best friends with this other friend knows how like obsessive I am about them and she kindly informed me that she warned this girl, "You know the people who have been fans forever are gonna be annoyed with you because you're a new fan" and I'm like "THAT'S ME!" and she's like "I know. I was thinking of you when I said it." bahahahahah. 

But anyways. That's that. Sorry I'm so crabby about Directionators. Like I said... I don't hate people. And I don't hate my friends. But I get very /frustrated/ with Directionators easily so... COME AT ME, BRO. JK. Please don't. I'm a nice person, I swear ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Half way done with this week. Come faster, weekend! hehe =) xx
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