-Rosemary's Baby

Holly Alexander; October 31
Collab with @martasmiling

So I was sitting in my bedroom just like browsing the internet and procrastinating having to go downstairs to watch icky gross horror movies when I was so surprised by Niki screaming my name I jumped in my chair. Was she trying to like give me a heart attack or something? I hadn’t even known she was there “This is the worst thing ever!” She continued rather melodramatically. I bet whatever it wasn’t wouldn’t even rate on the scale of potentially bad things. The Holly scale at least

 "what?" I asked her, showing how super majorly confused I was

She took a deep breath as if preparing to give me bad news "No popcorn”she pronounced solemnly. I just blinked at her? Seriously? That was it. "No popcorn!” She repeated as if I hadn’t not the message. I had but like no issue with this, it was good even. Popcorn was greasy and gross.

“Umm,” I hummed as I considered exactly what to say to that, “This is a travesty of national proportions?” I tried though it came out sounding way to much like an unsure question.

“It is.” She stepped into the room nodding, “and you’d do well not to mock me.”

“Go make some popcorn then or something.” I shrugged because like eww popcorn, “Or be healthy and don’t. That’s what I’d recommend.”

“You can’t have a proper movie experience without the popcorn.”

“Well then make some.” I repeated because like duh it’s not rocket science or something.

“We don’t have any kernels.” She said, giving me a lock that implied there was a dumbass left unspoken.

“Buy some?” I suggested, not really sure what I could do about this. I wouldn’t touch popcorn if you paid me to, that shit was nasty and got stuck in your teeth which was just a super gross look.

"It's so silly!" She pouted. I’m pretty sure she hadn’t just come here to like tell me this, which means she probably wanted a lift to the shop or something "Couldyoupleasecomwithme?" she asked in a giant run on sentence. And my point was proved because I was like super observant when it came to people. It was my skill or something.

"Niki" I groaned. Couldn’t she take someone who ate popcorn. Or had their own car and didn’t have to use the dopey mumish communal car.

 "Oh please" She repeated before pulling out the big guns. The Niki puppy eyes were like a legend around here. They got used sparingly but no one could say no to them. No one!

 "Ok you got me" I stood up with a sigh because saying no to Niki’s puppy eyes was like turning down a member of One Direction on a date. Or kicking a member of One Direction. Or a puppy. They were practically the same thing really. ”but only because you seem to suffer doing this puppy eyes" I added

She poked her tongue out cheekily, well aware of the magical effect of the puppy eyes. “It worked, didn't it?"

“On of these days I’m going to develop like a super power of resistance to those things.” I sighed, grabbing the first pair of heels I could find on my floor, “And you are going to be stuck.”

“Nuh-uh.” She grinned at me, waiting impatiently as I pulled the shoes on, “I’ll just get everyone else to do things for me.”

“Why can’t you get someone else to come with you know?” I grumbled though good naturally. I didn’t mind because walking was a super good way to keep fit anyway, “And fine then one of these days the human race will mutate to be immune to the eyes of sad puppies and then you will be screwed Miss Nicole Richards.”

"Don't even try to say it, how could I move on without my magic trick?" She pouted. Like she wasn’t hot enough to get guys to do anything for her. And some girls. Like I’m sure she could have worn a low cut top and talked Carson into taking her.

"In that day you'll see my revenge" I said, with an evil cackle to punctuate my point. 

"Oh please," she moaned as we trekked through the hallways and down the damn stairs "you should fix it darling" She cocked and eyebrow with a shit eating grin.

"Nicole Richards do you really want to go outside all alone?" I threatened, not getting tired of using the full name. It was effective like whoa.

“No,” She gasped like it was the most terrible thing she’d heard in ever “I’m already to much scared but how we go out from this house, I mean what a pair!" yeah okay she had completely lost me there. Like 100% not a clue what she was talking about. And I was meant to be the hard to follow one "How we look" she explained clearly seeing my confusion as she gestured to our clothes. Oh well yeah, but that’s how it always was. She wore hideous clothes to hide her ridiculous;y fit body. I wore hot clothes to emphasise my ridiculously smoking body.

“You are a strange girl.” I shook my head with a laugh as we climbed down the stairs. I absentmindedly remembered when stairs had been a challenge in heels, 

“Look who’s talking.” Smooth reply there Niki.

“Sweetie I’m not the one that hides my smoking body, that’s you.” I pushed as much condescension into my voice as I could manage. “Not that I’m complaining or anything because like with you all covered like that I clearly have the most slamming body in the house.”

“If you do say so yourself?” She asked in amusement as I unlocked the front door, making sure to check my keys were in my jean pocket.

“Oh honey it’s true. Even Zara ain’t got nothing on me.” I laughed because she kinda beat me in the fitness department hands down with her gymnastics and all but my boobs were hot.

“You’ve got a point" she replied. But like duh I always had points. Good points at that.

"Remind me which movies we are going to watch tonight" She said out of the blue, startling me.

"Classic ones, The Exorcist, Psyco.." I listed off because like they were the only horror films I knew. Psycho I actually really liked, the exorcist well it took lots of watched with Carson for me to be able to stomach even with the shitty 80s effects. Or maybe it was 70s that was actually really inconsequential

"...Deep Red..." She cut in and yeah never heard of it. Actually Rosemary’s baby was my favourite horror movie ever but I don’t really think the others would go for it. Probably wasn’t even considered scary these days.

I rummaged around in my bag for the set of keys I kept there. I took one set and everyone else shared the other set, but like they could deal "Even that one, if we'll be so brave!" I exclaimed at a guess because I knew nothing about it.  

"This is why I need popcorn" She exclaimed brightly. What was popcorn a magic cure to fear? Maybe the should market it as that, the popcorn manufacturers or something. I could go into PR or something glamorous like that.

“You need popcorn, I need something to hide behind.” I laughed as I unlocked the car. The spare car that was kept for us to use for runs to the store and stuff. I mean we got a beautiful house and a communal car if we didn’t have our own. This place was to lovely.

“Not a horror movie fan?” She asked as we climbed in.

“Oh gosh I love watching horror movies actually,” I laughed, grabbing a pair of sunglasses I’d left in the car last time I used it (which wasn’t often I preferred to be driven around) “I hate them but I love watching them because it’s a perfect excuse to get all close and personal with a cute boy.” I waggled my eyebrows over my sunglasses before starting the car, “If you know what I mean.”

 "I know what you mean" She nodded in agreement "But I think that this night won't be /that/ situation" not for either of us. I’d end up hiding behind Tyler or Carson who had fit bodies but weren’t you know /that/ still any excuse to cop a feel I guess.

"Why not?” I giggled, "there're some hot guys in our house" Which was true except none for me so damn!

"Tyler is an handsome man... married" She highlighted. And he was so separated from his wife and in the process of a divorce so we totally could. I mean I wouldn’t because it was Tyler but there was like nothing morally wrong with that. 

Of course I didn’t explain that to her, instead choosing to ask "Well, doesn't Logan come?"

"Why should Logan come?" She replied, turning to look at me "he has his wonderful, classy and b-tching girlfriend that I love so much" Nicole smiled a creepy evilish smile. Girl clearly had possession or jealousy issues. Though you know Zoe wasn’t my favourite person ever.

"Did you even asked him?" I asked, full well knowing that she hadn’t. Sometimes I thought that girl had a crush on her Logan. I mean he was kinda cute.

“Maybe I forgot to mention it" She mumbled. Knew it!

 "Niki!" I yelled for dramatic effect. She flinched. Twas cool

"He won't come anyway" She muttered grudgingly. Girl was moping and didn’t even ask. From what I knew from that boy he totally would have actually come. Whatever her loss.

“You know what, fine sit there in your miserable misery, see if I care.” I sniffed, removing one hand to flick my hair over my shoulder which caused Niki to eye me nervously, “Even worse sit there in you singlehood.” I shuddered.

“There’s nothing wrong with being single.” She pointed out, “Aren’t you single.”

“No of course not.” I said haughtily, pulling the car into the carpark at the local supermarket (IGA to be exact) “I have multiple options, none of which are exclusive.”

“You don’t want to be exclusive?” She asked curiously, “What about Logan.” I didn’t answer her straight away, sticking my tongue between my teeth as I reversed into the parking spot, having to remain completely focused.

“Please.” I said when the car was parked, undoing my seatbelt with a grin, “Logan is not exclusive because I’m not the exclusive type.” I explained as we both climbed out before I continued to talk to her at her over the top of the car, “Though I’d totally have an exclusive relationship with one Benjamin Harris.” I said with a wicked grin, “Just to experience dear Evie’s reaction.”

[I still owe an Ana story from 11 days ago which I’ll get round to writing soon, though I’m not even sure if anyone still reads ana stories. ALSO: If anyone wants to collab for this rp shoot me a pm yea? I’m loving writing for Holly :) spoiled characters are fun]
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