As you said that, someone else's tears dripped down my dry cheeks. Just be friends, all we gotta do is just be friends. It's time to say goodbye, just be friends. All we gotta do is just be friends, just be friends, just be friends...
Just Be Friends//Luka Megurine (English lyrics, as sung by Amanda Lee)
I should be writing right now. I feel really guilty for not, but what can I say? I don't have the motivation. But tons of ideas.
*clears throat*
Our dearest Suri/Jadelyn is leaving us D: NOOOO!!!!
@kennedybrock: I WILL MISS YOU SO, SO MUCH. But you already knew that. Seriously, though, you're a wonderful and strong person <3

This set was inspired by Kelly, once again, and by the vocaloid song Just Be Friends. Yes, I'm getting into vocaloids. Don't judge me! Even though this came from the person who said they hated them a few months ago. But I digress. The dress/tunic seems like something Luka would wear, and the flats/leggings are kinda what she wears in the video. Here: (it's in Japanese, with English subtitles)
It's supposed to be a really, really sad song, but it sounds upbeat... oh, well, that's the case with vocaloids, isn't it? And if you don't like vocaloids, here's an English version with piano, by Amanda Lee. I love her version so much, she's such a great singer.

Last night, I was trying to see how many members were on Polyvore, and for some reason, I stumbled upon this huge argument about copyright infringement and clipping. It honestly gave me a headache. But it just made me lose some of my faith in this website. We, as members, may not use these sets for commercial reasons, but the photos and works of art we use in our sets are made by other artists who put their time into making them. And what? It's here without their permission.
I know I'm being a hypocrite. I've made sets before without knowing about the copyright. Hell, this set is probably filled with photos that the owners didn't say could be used. It just made me really sad, though. These artists do have a right to their art. Even though I spent thousands of hours on my sets, the items I used for them were made by others, too.
So I don't know any more. The argument died down over 2 years ago, but it's just... yeah.

Today, I spent a good 3 hours listening to Alexander Rybak and his songs. They are pure magic, guys. He is my newest obsession. And not to mention, he's really, kinda cute ;) I found him because I was reading this Hetalia drabble (of course -.-) and they had lyrics to his song Fairytale. I got curious, and looked it up-turns out, this was the winning song in Eurovision 2009, for Norway. AND IT IS PERFECT. It had the record for most votes in the history of Eurovision (well, until this year, with Loreen's song Euphoria for Sweden, which I have to listen after this song).
Now, I'm getting really interested in Eurovision. Did you know that ABBA and Celine Dion got their careers started with this competition? Next year, I'm definitely gonna try and catch the broadcast online. But here's the link, if you wanna listen to Fairytale:
(by the way, I know very few of you know about Hetalia, but Finland won in 2006, with Hard Rock Hallelujah by Lordi. I just find it funny that if you listen to the song, and look at the character in Hetalia, you would be completely surprised. Finny looks so cute and innocent and is a self-described "delicate flower" and then this song just hits you)
Listening to Euphoria right now, and it sounds like a song they'd play on the mainstream radio stations where I live, but it's pretty okay. Here:

Other than that, I have nothing to say. I went to Miranda's house, and we had a lot of fun... playing Kingdom Hearts (or rather, me watching and her playing), voice dubbing mangas, reading smutty fanfics (and me trying to write a very, very smutty story), watching YouTube videos, drawing, and just talking about shits and giggles, really. I love going to her house-we can basically do whatever we want, and her mom is okay with it (as long as we don't burn down the apartment)
Today is my grandfather's birthday. If he was still here, he would've been 82. Rest in peace, Ông Nôi.

I'm somewhat scared for school to start, even though it's over a month away. It's not like my first year there. I got that done last year, and high school is so much better than junior high, if you ask me. 10th grade is creeping up... For me, I don't like it, because in most of my classes, it's the same people over and over. I either have 11th grade classes (chemistry, algebra 2/trig) or AP classes, which are almost impossible to get into if you weren't in it before (English, history). The only regular classes I'll be having are French 3 and computer graphics 1 and 2, and gym class. Maybe study hall, but no one ever talks then.
I also won't have any classes with Miranda, because she's not in advanced classes, she takes Russian, she's doing advanced studio instead of computer graphics, and health instead of study hall. I think she signed up for a different gym class than I did. We'll be lucky if we even have lunch together.
But then again, we only had lab together last year and different lunch times-we still talked every day and we're still really close. I mean, even in the summer, we talk almost every day through Tumblr or Quizilla, and we go to each other's places every other week.
Still scared, though. I want to meet new people, not stay with the same ones my entire time at high school.
Also, my parents are pushing me to join clubs, so I'm thinking of doing biology and creative writing. Miranda's doing creative writing as well, along with Korean culture club and the LGBTQ club at our school. I've always wanted to join the LGBTQ club, but I'm too scared.
Anyways, that would mean less Internet time after school. But maybe it's time to spend less time writing fanfics and talking to online people, and get out in the real world. Even if it sucks.
Well, since I'll be a sophomore, that means I'll get to see my freshman friends! And Genna finally passed 8th grade, so we'll finally be in the same school for the first time in a year... lame, but it's hard when you don't live near each other, and you hang around different crowds. So I'll be going with her to freshman orientation-which I was planning to do anyways, for our other friend Kayla.
The problem is, on the first day of school, I know Genna's gonna want to hang around me and my friends. I don't have a huge problem with that, but is it evil to say that I'm scared she won't fit in? She knows my friends, but still. And then the other thing is, she's kinda jealous of Miranda. I don't blame her. I see Miranda way more than Genna, and truth be told, I think I'm closer to her now than Genna. Plus, their styles are somewhat like each other, so there's that. I don't want to be caught in the middle of my friends again, for the thousandth time, but it's hard. And it's just hard, too, because they're my closest friends, and I want them to get along. Genna's never gotten along with my other friends; I can't say I'm best buddies with her friends. Still.
Reyna, I'm not worried about, because we'll still have English together (and very likely, history, since there are only two AP classes) with Skylar, and that'll be nice. We're like the Asian trio (kinda like me, Suri, and @patr0nus ^_^)
p.s. HI INES. I'm glad that we're both somewhat back! I'm not here permanently, either, but it's summer, so why not? Hehe :D
As for my guy friends, I don't have many anymore. I think the only guy I consider close to me is Matthew. And I really hope that we can be closer next year. You've no idea how happy I was when he finally accepted that we were friends (April 30th, will always remember that)-after 3 years! I don't like him, nor will I, but still. I'm glad.
Maybe I should just say hi to him this week or something. Just pop in, and be like, "Hi, Mrs. ___, is Matthew home? I just wanted to say hi!"
"...okay, bye!"
Love you all!
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