friday; we’re going to Miami b.tch.
Sid took a swallow of her diet coke and a couple pills as she waited for Bastian to finish going through the metal detector. A smirk upon her lips as he had a hole in one of his socks. It was sort of endearing really.
Picking up her carry on bag that had her cigarettes and other stuff in it as he joined her, glancing up at the Brit. "You know you have a hole in your sock?"

He looked down at his feet before putting on his shoes, "I have more pairs in my luggage.. I can change them when we get to Miami?" Always so logical. 

She laughed, shaking her head, "Nevermind, Seby. You're no fun to tease." Sid tried to keep the moment light though, joking around and teasing so she wouldn't think about the flight. She hated flying even a short one down the coast to Miami.

It wasn't too long before they were on the plane, her body tense as she sat in the seat, willing the pills to work quicker. Not Dramamine either. She felt Bastian's had slide over her's and squeeze lightly, looking over to him and she tried for a smile. Her mind was on overload though, she could easily see the plane crashing to the ground after hitting turbulence. Or they could crash before takeoff.. She had seen it happen so many times in the movies.

She was starting to breathe quicker as panic set in then just as swiftly there was a calm that descended like a blanket over her. Feeling warm and at ease, she slowly sat back and let her head roll to the side to look at Bastian who was busy looking out the window. He didn't even notice. It was a good thing. Her free hand patted his before she put on her shades. Time for a three hour nap. 
Short and sorta crappy as I collabed with myself. :-\
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