Why do you think you should be a Steel Cat?

- Why shouldnt i be a Steel Cat?
 The Steel Cats are the most driven, most feared, most popular girls, with the most personality. When i came from london, i was lost. confused.

Now, i have a goal, and i wont stop at anything till i reach my destiny. The personality, i always had.

Plus, if your a friend of mine, ive got your back no matter what. Isnt that what being a Steel cats all about?

also, i dont think im someone anyone would want as an enemy. 
So you have to admit, with or without the title of one, im pretty much Steel Catty already.

Do you currently have any existing feuds with any of the Steel Cats?
- Gavin Noel almost ruined me, by submitting a fake essay titled "S.lut Cats" to Birdie. bridgette &cheyenne took some time to believe it wasnt written by me. But i survived.

Can you tell us about any drama you’ve caused/been a part of up to this point?
- drama? me? psssh.

Well there was this one time,...hmm, I kinda decided to go out with a guy cuz Bridgette suggested hed be "good for me". Got busted quite bad for that at prom.

 Then, afore mentioned boy tried to ruin my life, by subimtting fake articles under my name to Birdie.. thus destroying my social life, and my academic Career.
I avenged myself by making him believe i burned all his written material from all his life, and then by hooking up with Poppy who was distractiing him when i stole his things, in front of everyone that too at the bonfire.
 and then started dating him of course.

also my dress was stolen 10 minuttes before a fashion show. 

but drama? me ? NAA

Do you consider yourself more of a leader or a follower?

-i dont follow. but i hate it when people follow me too. There's only one Ariana Schwartz. Try to mimic me and you will fail. miserably. im different. and i like being different. period. 

Will you be committed to being a Steel Cat (aka keeping up with the Steel Cats appearance)?

-Have you seen the way i dress? like seriously? If i gave a f.uc.k bout making other people look good, i wouldve joined the fashion club. Clothes &music are a way of expressing who you are. 

So yes, i do take pride in my appearance. and hence, oviously, shall be more than committed to it.

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